Build your ideal ranch and we'll tell you which TV Western it belongs in

Would yours be more like the McCain ranch or the Ponderosa?


On classic Westerns like The Big Valley and Bonanza, the homes each family lives in are an integral part of both series. And on The Rifleman, plenty of action takes place on the McCain's simple but practical ranch.

If you could build your own ranch from the ground up, which style would you choose? Would it have a mansion or a cozy log cabin? Would it be in the mountains, the desert or the Great Plains?

Now's your chance to see which TV Western best fits your aesthetic tastes! Build your ideal ranch using these questions and see the series it would fit into.

  1. Where would you build your ranch?
  2. What type of fence would your ranch have?
  3. What kind of animals would you raise on your ranch?
  4. Which barn would you have on your ranch?
  5. What would your ranch house look like?
  6. What would the inside of your house look like?
  7. What decorations would you have around your ranch?
  8. How would you name your ranch?

Build your ideal ranch and we'll tell you which TV Western it belongs in

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Antenna2 9 days ago
I like farm animals, but I've also been around them enough to know you really have to love them to get used to the smells. Poultry farms were the worst, pigs-swine next. I'm almost partial to cattle pasture smells, probably because they were everywhere in my area long ago and got used to the smell of wet grass that had been treated, so to speak. Horses, too, have that unmistakable scent that requires a person to really love their presence - and of course then there were the times I'd be out there with a shovel when a horse let loose on pavement because a neighbor forgot to exercise their mount on the grass...
Antenna2 Antenna2 9 days ago
P.S. My farm is a Have Gun, Will Travel farm, minus the silk shirts and card games...
72doug 12 months ago
My ranch would be on Bonanza!
raibreth 36 months ago
Gunsmoke/Dodge City which is about 5 hrs away. :-) Not too bad for a quiz...except I don't own a ranch!
Tommy 37 months ago
Mine was Bonanza. Would be nice
LennWoodward 37 months ago
Have Gun Will Travel, is where my ranch is
grandpa5741 37 months ago
The Bug Valley with the Barkley Ladies
Msstephenson11 37 months ago
That's correct The Big Valley!!!
TheSentinel 37 months ago
My ranch would be on Bonanza.
Mob39 37 months ago
Your ranch would be on Maverick!

You would want your ranch to reflect your tastes and hobbies. It would have plenty of room for leisurely activities like a good card game.
MarianneCoon 37 months ago
My ranch is from The big valley
ChristopherCurran 37 months ago
My ranch is located on The Rifleman. My favorite show on MeTV!
John111911Smith 37 months ago
My ranch would be on Rawhide. Can't argue with that.
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