Blur quiz: Backdoor pilots

It's a TV show inside another TV show! Like a turducken.

Have you ever turned on an episode of your favorite show, only to be baffled when the familiar characters you've come to love only appear at the beginning, and then an entirely new set of people take up the rest of the episode? 

Well, you may have just watched what is known as a "backdoor pilot". A backdoor pilot is a pilot for a show that is presented as an episode of an already-existing show. Depending on how the episode is received, the show may get greenlit... or it may not. Some of the most successful shows ever have started as backdoor pilots. NCIS started as a backdoor pilot in JAG, and now it has its own world of spinoffs! But often, these one-offs remained exactly that. 

We have seven episodes of classic TV that were also backdoor pilots for other shows. Some of them got made, some of them didn't. We're asking you to identify the show that the episode is a part of, not the show that the episode spun-off into (So in our earlier example, the answer would be JAG, not NCIS.)

Can you identify these shows from the backdoor pilot episodes they had?

Levels Completed This Quiz:

Levels Your Score Average
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2 86
3 81
4 72
5 74
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7 65
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