Barnaby Jones or Barnabas Collins?!

It's a barnyard Barna-beatdown.


Look out now. This one might get tricky!

Place your bets, who do you think you know better? Is it Barnaby Jones? Or Barnabas Collins? We want to know, so we're asking you questions about both. Your job is to pick which one it is!

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Tuesday–Saturday at 4 AM

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  1. Which one is 175 years old?
  2. Which one is a retired investigator?
  3. Who aired on CBS?
  4. Who aired on ABC?
  5. Who was a #1 hit in the daytime ratings?
  6. Which one had a crossover with Cannon?
  7. Which one is played by a Canadian?
  8. Which one has a widowed daughter-in-law?
  9. Which one always ordered milk at restaurants and bars?
  10. Which one had a long-lost love named Josette?

Barnaby Jones or Barnabas Collins?!

Your Result...

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DeborahRoberts 1 month ago
18/20 and super excited to see "Rocky Jones, Space Ranger" get a mention. Would love to see it on ME-TV!
Dave62 3 months ago
I can't believe that I got all right.
BuckeyeBeth7 3 months ago
9 out of 10. I missed number 7 😕
Fred_Clampett 3 months ago
10 of 10. This one was compared to many of them.
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