Are you an expert on TV's greatest cowboys?

Consider this target practice for western trivia sharpshooters.

The famous cowboys to cross our TV screens remain some of the Western genre's greatest characters for a reason — they were positively magnetic. In some case, we knew every detail of their backstory. Others were shrouded in mystery under the wide brim of their hats.

Here, we collect some bio details of TV's greatest cowboys to put your memory to the test test. Can you recognize the Western character based on their unique characteristics?

Take the quiz and find out!
  1. Which western character was not a lawman?
  2. Which western character lives in a luxury hotel?
  3. Which western character fought in the Civil War?
  4. Which western character slept on a cot in his office?
  5. Which western character had three deceased wives?
  6. Which western character was once bit by a rabid wolf?
  7. Which western character referred to his gun as his “mare’s leg”?
  8. Which western character went to the cemetery to think?
  9. Which western character contracted both smallpox and anthrax?
  10. Which western character won money to buy his ranch in a turkey shoot?

Are you an expert on TV's greatest cowboys?

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Runeshaper 25 months ago
You got 8 out of 10
Dang, you missed a couple key cowboys. Don't worry, though — even the best cowboys have their regrets. Clearly, it builds character.
ndebrabant 33 months ago

You got 9 out of 10
You're a sharpshooter of TV Western trivia.
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