Are these weird recipes actual meals from the 1970s or did we just make them up?

You've got to tell us if this stuff is the real meal.


Not to yuck anyone's yum, but it seems like every person born in a new decade looks back to the previous decade's favorite meals and goes, "How did anybody ever eat that?" Here's how this quiz works: we give you a general description of a meal, and you tell us if it was an actual meal that at least some people cooked (and enjoyed) in the 1970s, or you tell us if you think that we're yanking your chain.

  1. Pineapple chicken; As in, chicken baked into a pineapple, chicken served with pineapple, etc. etc.
  2. Tomato Aspic: A savory jello
  3. Tab Tuna: Tuna salad paired with Tab soda
  4. Watergate salad: Pistachio pudding, canned pineapple, Cool Whip, marshmallows
  5. Soup jello: Campbell's soup, frozen into gelatin molds, served chilled.
  6. Celebration sandwich loaf: sandwich loaf with a layer of ham, salmon, eggs and chicken. Each layer is separated by bread, chilled, then the entire loaf is frosted with a cream-cheese mayo frosting.
  7. Mackerel marmalade: Chunks of mackerel fish stuck inside of orange marmalade
  8. Cheese and pineapple hedgehogs: Party food. Cheese and pineapple chunks on sticks arranged in the shape of a hedgehog made of tinfoil. Black olives form the hedgehog's eyes.
  9. Pentagon Papers Pasta: Noodles with marinara sauce on one side and alfredo on the other
  10. Celarium: Medium rare steak cooked in a breading of mixed vegetables, including celery

Are these weird recipes actual meals from the 1970s or did we just make them up?

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Coldnorth 8 months ago
8/10 lucked out on that score. Lots of guessing
JHP 8 months ago
4/10 - now I never thought a quiz could be an emetic
forminasage 8 months ago

I wasn’t even around in the ‘70s
cheduff 8 months ago
It was a dessert called a “Martian Snowstorm”!! Ha ha!!
cheduff 8 months ago
Does anyone remember that lime jello with the coconut flakes in it?
RobertK 8 months ago
8 of 10. Tomato Jello? None for me Thank You. The fake "Pentagon Papers" recipe didn't sound too bad, you could please everyone with that one.
Wiseguy70005 RobertK 8 months ago
Even fairly recently, you could buy tomato aspic in cans, just like cranberry sauce.
JeffPaul76 8 months ago
I want some of that watermelon in the top picture! Yummy!! And we had a big aluminum kettle in that pic also.
JeffPaul76 8 months ago
"Are these weird recipes actual meals from the 1970's or did we just make them up?" ---"You got 9 out of 10 ---Congratulations! --You get to join the clean plate club!" ---I got #6 wrong, and for #4, it is marshmallows, NOT Marshmellows! There's no E/e in the word.
braycy 8 months ago
8/10 which is a poor score for a foodie like me!
Wenatchee7 8 months ago
7/10 Those were some tough classic TV questions.
JeffPaul76 Wenatchee7 8 months ago
The quiz had nothing to do with TV. It is about meals from the 1970s, whether they were real or did MeTV staffers make them up?
Wenatchee7 JeffPaul76 8 months ago
I know I was being sarcastic.
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