Are these real TV show sequels or did we just make them up?

The New Who? What Show Today?

Some classic shows are so nice, studios visit them twice.

Here, we've compiled a list of some of the best classic TV sequels, then mixed in some completely made-up titles to see if we can trick you into believing they really did revive these cherished shows.

Think you know a true sequel when you see one? Let's find out!
  1. The New Perry Mason
  2. The New Dick Van Dyke Show
  3. AfterMASH
  4. The Brady Bunch Today
  5. The Munsters Today
  6. The New Leave It to Beaver
  7. The New Taxi
  8. The New Andy Griffith Show
  9. The New Odd Couple
  10. New Monkees
  11. My Three Sons Today
  12. The New WKRP in Cincinnati
  13. The Addams Family Today
  14. The New Gidget
Are these real TV show sequels or did we just make them up?

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Tresix 4 days ago
13/14. Missed the Addams Family one. I thought that was real or was it just a TV movie?
STTOS 6 days ago
You got 13 out of 14 - Impressive reasoning skills! Missed #12. I don't remember the new WKRP.
Tresix STTOS 4 days ago
I think Andy was the only returning character on it. I also remember Tawny Kitaen being part of it.
cperrynaples Tresix 4 days ago
Actually, neither Andy or Bailey ever appeared! Arthur, Les and Herb were in every "new" episode, Johnny came back in the middle of the first season, and Jennifer and Venus made guest appearances! Tawny Kitaen was indeed in it, as was French Stewart as a sorta younger Johnny clone!
Pacificsun 6 days ago
Hello, the '80's are calling. Didn't anybody have an original idea??
JeffTanner 8 days ago
''You got 8 out of 14'' ---------------Did you Monkee around and miss a few? You must be new here... --Hardly! I've been with you, (MeTV) for a very long time.
Barry22 8 days ago
12/14, wasn't there a TV remake of The Addams Family?
EricFuller 9 days ago
Any show that has "new" in the title is bound to fail with the exception of "The Price Is Right" which dropped "new" the next season.
They also probably dropped it, because after the first season, it was no longer considered "new."
Jeremy 9 days ago
There WAS a "The New Andy Griffith Show!" True, it wasn't a true TV sequel and come to think of it, neither was "The New Dick Van Dyke Show," but it did exist in 1971 and it ran for ten episodes.
cperrynaples Jeremy 9 days ago
Yes, and it was my only wrong answer! Fun Fact: The pilot episode featured guest appearances from George Lindsey [as "Goober"], Paul Hartman [as "Emmett"], and Don Knotts [not named, but you kept waiting for Andy to call him Barney]! BTW, there were sequels for the Bradys and the Addams, but not with those titles!
cperrynaples Jeremy 9 days ago
PS Yes Stephanie, we all know New Monkees had no connection to the originals!
ScarlettKaiju Jeremy 9 days ago
That was my only "wrong" answer too, but you are 100% correct. In fact, when I Googled it, this article came up in the search results:
I remember seeing the Addams Family reboot on what was then Fox Family. It wasn't bad, but I really felt sorry for Glenn Taranto, who played Gomez. He positively faded into the background when John Astin appeared as his father. No fault of his own, really. Astin was still on his game, and who could possibly compete with him?
I think there was at least one similarity, wasn't the pad practically the same? I mentioned his before, but I'll do so again: Over on You Tube there's a rather revealing interview w/Mike 'n' Micky on an Australian tv show. They each dispelled a couple of "urban legends" {Did Charles Manson really audition for the Monkees, did the band actually sell 35 million records more than the Stones/Beatles?} about the group, and the fact that Mike, never really cared for Peter. Although he did cry while talking about him. {They not fake tears.} It was a good, fun interview.
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