How many Mayberry character actors can you name?

You know Otis, Ernest, Briscoe and Helen, but who played them?

The Andy Griffith Show packed the fictional town of Mayberry with so many characters, it took some of television's most seasoned players to do the series justice.

That's why some Mayberry residents – even ones we only met a handful of times – remain just as memorable as the main cast.

Here, we've pulled a dozen memorable Mayberry characters and it's up to you to match each one to the correct actor. Good luck avoiding a citizen's arrest for making too many wrong choices!

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  1. For most of The Andy Griffith Show, Floyd the Barber was played by which actor?
  2. This Otis Campbell actor had his own key to the Mayberry jail cell:
  3. Ernest T. Bass was only in eight episodes, but this actor made sure he was memorable:
  4. The head of the Darling family, Briscoe Darling was played by which actor?
  5. The Darlings' pretty daughter Charlene Darling was played by which actor?
  6. Andy's first love on The Andy Griffith Show was Ellie Walker, played by which sitcom star?
  7. Emmett Clark was the handyman who ran Emmett's Fix-It Shop in Mayberry. Which actor portrayed the character?
  8. Opie's teacher who Andy one day married was named Helen Crump, played by which beauty?
  9. The mayor of Mayberry was Roy Stoner, played by which actor?
  10. An elderly citizen of Mayberry who turns up nine times is Jud Fletcher, played by which actor?
  11. The British valet who turned up in Mayberry three times was played by which actor?
  12. Here's one more of Andy's heartthrobs, the nurse Peg McMillan, played by which actor?

How many Mayberry character actors can you name?

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Rick 26 months ago
Mayor Pike was in more episodes than Mayor Stoner.
LanceMcCrickard 26 months ago
Way too easy!

You got 12 out of 12

You danced right through that like a true Mayberry citizen!
JamesStephens 26 months ago
It's Anita Corsaut, with no L for Number 8. And Charlene was better known as Maggie Peterson not Mancuso. And the forgot all about Hope Summers.
Actually, it’s Aneta Corsaut. No “i.”
ValT 28 months ago
You bring up Bernard Fox, who was only in three episodes, but leave out Hope Summers?? Aunt Bee's best frenemy?
Douglas 28 months ago
11/12! missed the last one, #12 which ruined my perfect score.
VAC 28 months ago
Fairly easy but did have to guess on Emmett. So 12/12
bukhrn 34 months ago
12/12, had to take a guess on Emmett Clark
EllisClevenger 43 months ago
You got 12 out of 12
You danced right through that like a true Mayberry citizen!
Moverfan 44 months ago
Answered #11 correctly and got to thinking. Barney Fife...Gomer Pyle...Goober Pyle...yeah, all they needed was Colonel Crittendon (or Dr. Bombay, whichever you prefer).
ImYourHuckleberry 45 months ago
Missed Jud. How could I miss Old Jud?
southernbelle 46 months ago
Nailed it!!! Can’t get enough of Andy, Opie & Aunt Bee!
Irish 49 months ago
Missed Emmett Clark
VAC Irish 28 months ago
I had to guess on that one. Wasn't much of a fan after Barney left (the color episodes)
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