Are these real '60s game shows or did we make them up?

Watching contestants and celebrities battle it out for prizes is always fun.

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You might think of the Sixties and say, "What a time to be alive!" So much new and refreshing content was on television, and trying to watch everything was impossible.

One of the things many people loved to watch was game shows, and boy, were there a lot in the '60s. Did the titles match the game show? Yes. Do some titles sound made up when we think of them today? Absolutely.

So, we want to know if you can guess if these titles are real '60s game shows or if we made them up. Good luck! 

  1. '60s game show title: Video Village
  2. '60s game show title: Pass the Paper
  3. '60s game show title: You Don't Say
  4. '60s game show title: You're Putting Me On
  5. '60s game show title: Dance or Lift
  6. '60s game show title: The Generation Gap
  7. '60s game show title: What's That Hairstyle?
  8. '60s game show title: It's The Creature!
  9. '60s game show title: Missing Links
  10. '60s game show title: Supermarket Sweep
  11. '60s game show title: Share The Prize
  12. '60s game show title: The Face Is Familiar

Are these real '60s game shows or did we make them up?

Your Result...

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hendrix_media 12 months ago
12/12. Two were guesses. The others I remember, primarily by name only.
Coldnorth 12 months ago
11/12 yipppppppeeeeeeeee for meeeeeeeee
braycy 12 months ago
10/12 I liked What's my line, Truth or Consequences, & The Gong Show (in the 70's)
RobertK 12 months ago
11 of 12! I missed #1, Video Village. Pass the Paper sounded like a rest room stall challenge!
cperrynaples RobertK 12 months ago
GOOD ONE! I like my pot joke better!
Coldnorth RobertK 12 months ago
Now that tickled my funny bone, Mister Frog
Toot1956 12 months ago
11/12 all guesses b4 I was born wow!!!!
daDoctah 12 months ago
Before he got the Tonight Show gig, one of Johnny Carson's credits was as MC for a game show called "Who Do You Trust?"
cperrynaples daDoctah 12 months ago
Yes, it was and it's where he met Ed McMahon! "You are correct,sir!"
timothys71 12 months ago
Since the topic of game shows came up, Buzzr is owned by Fremantle, which has the rights to all of the Goodson/Todman shows and a handful of other producers--Hatos/Hall (Let's Make A Deal), Bill Carruthers (Press Your Luck), Reg Grundy (Sale Of the Century, which is not currently on their schedule but has rotated on and off), and a few others. I think it would be cool if MeTV could start a retro game show block and bring back shows such as The Joker's Wild, Tic Tac Dough, Pyramid (in its various incarnations), and older episodes of Jeopardy and Wheel Of Fortune. Those shows do not air on Buzzr because their original producers are not under the Fremantle umbrella.
Kramden62 timothys71 12 months ago
Both Jeopardy and Wheel are on Pluto TV.
TheSentinel timothys71 12 months ago
I like the sound of that, but where in the schedule would it go? Replacing Weekday Westerns would be out because it's still a popular block, and putting a game show block in mid-morning opposite The Price Is Right and Let's Make a Deal would be a bad move, so the next best spot for such a block would be between 5 and 7 (which would mean the elimination of Adam-12 and The A-Team).
Moverfan timothys71 12 months ago
They could also run You Don't Say!, Musical Chairs, Celebrity Sweepstakes and Treasure Hunt [I know Jan Murray hosted that for a while]. And it would really be cool if they could get Remote Control from MTV and Fandango from the Nashville Network. I can't be the only one who remembers Edgar The Talking Jukebox...!
timothys71 12 months ago
9/12--not bad for someone born in the 1970's!
wrs44145 12 months ago
12/12; heard of some and guessed on the others. Not too bad a score for someone born in the 60's.
Adanor 12 months ago
Well, they just took Supermarket Sweep off of Buzzer. What a shame. I really enjoyed watching them "sweep" the aisles. Oh why would anyone try to jam 5 brooms in their cart?
timothys71 Adanor 12 months ago
Oh, no! I've been waiting for them to put Supermarket Sweep back in a better time slot because lately it has been airing too late at night for me. Well, just like MeTV, Buzzr rotates shows on and off their schedule, so maybe we just need to be patient.
Moverfan timothys71 12 months ago
If they'd move Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour to three in the afternoon instead of three in the morning, I'd be happy.
Moverfan Adanor 11 months ago
Everything's got to be someplace...
boobs 12 months ago
Somebody somewhere or some tv station somewhere has to have most if not all episodes of the great kids game show "SHENANIGANS" starring host STUBBY KAYE! So far only 1-2 episodes have surfaced.
cperrynaples boobs 12 months ago
I sorta remember that! It was a knockoff of 1, which also had a kids edition!
Kramden62 boobs 12 months ago
I read on Closing Logos Group's website (under Four Star Television's entry) that - thanks to ABC's stupidity in erasing the tapes - "Shenanigans" is now a *lost* show. No extant prints of it exist.
Shame. I remember "Shenanigans," too. I was only 4 when it aired in 1966. I also remember there was a Milton Bradley home game of "Shenanigans" as well.
Kramden62 Kramden62 12 months ago
That is, except for the two episodes you mentioned that miraculously escaped that fate.
Moverfan Kramden62 12 months ago
Must've been the same geniuses who erased all of the daytime version of Hollywood Squares...those guys got around...
Kramden62 Moverfan 10 months ago
They sure did. But "Shenanigans" was on ABC and "Hollywood Squares" was on NBC. Both shows were produced by the same company, Heatter-Quigley.

Still, I think both those "geniuses" at ABC and NBC who "wiped" the tapes of those shows must have belonged to the same union.
Ready2go 13 months ago
11/12. missed the last one. I had the home version of "You Don't Say" in the 60s, when I was a kid. Remember Video Village also.
MrPerfect 13 months ago
12/12. Easy.
Kramden62 MrPerfect 12 months ago
Me, too! 12/12.
By the way - goofy as it may sound, but true, on Closing Logos Group's website if you look under "Paramount Television (CBS)," you can see a shot of the audience for "You Don't Say," although most of the picture is obscured by the Paramount logo. "You Don't Say" was at first produced by Desilu(!), but switched to Paramount Television after Gulf+Western Industries, Paramount's then-parent, bought out Desilu in July 1967.
cperrynaples Kramden62 12 months ago
Yes. I believe YDS was a combo of Ralph Edwards [Truth Or Consequences] and Lucy!
JHP 13 months ago
yipee! 9/12 - was still sitting on the potty chair watching those shows:) - most were guesses. Cant believe there was a video village tho - must have been a very slow show
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JHP Coldnorth 12 months ago
well - that is a chevy - But I could give you a real long story on that pic. I will give you a hint - look up "highrail". Thats what that is and in the late 90's to 2000's that was my buggy du jour - went all over Canada (east and west ; saw Prince Rupert B.C and Yarmouth N.S. and most provinces in between in that time frame). I LOVED that job. If you look real close at the plate of the highrail - its from Ontario CN

Here's a bigger pic/avatar
JHP Coldnorth 12 months ago
peeps? If I needed an emetic - that would be it:) YUK on the texture and so darn sweet.
Coldnorth JHP 12 months ago
Thanks for the pic. When I saw the front it looked like something else. Thanks for taking the time to clear that up. I love the color
JHP Coldnorth 12 months ago
yeah the front of it would look a bit strange from the hydraulics that are needed to lift the rubber tires and allow the metal wheels to sit on the rails
TSeym22 13 months ago
8/12 All guesses except for Supermarket Sweep--the only one I'd heard of.
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