Are these grand gestures in romance films cute or weird?

These would either pull your heart strings or make you say, "Blah!"


We all love a good romcom, but like many great moments in films, if you took some scenes out of the movie and watched it happen in real life, you might roll your eyes a little bit at the cheesiness of it. Imagine walking out onto the deck of the Titanic and seeing Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet embracing at the front of the ship, pretending to fly and smooching it up? That'd be weird.

In this quiz, we're stacking up some of the bigger grand romantic gestures in film and it's your job to tell us if, out of context, they're still cute, or just plain weird.

  1. In Say Anything, Lloyd Dobler stands outside his ex-girlfriend's window with a boom box playing "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel in an attempt to win her back. Cute or weird?
  2. To apologize to Kat Stratford, Patrick Verona performs the song "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You," complete with a marching band performance. The stunt then lands him in detention.
  3. In Pretty Woman, Edward climbs up the back of Vivian's fire escape with a bouquet of roses up to her apartment in order to profess his love.
  4. In The Notebook, Noah writes Allie a letter every single day for an entire year before building a house for her.
  5. In Sixteen Candles, Jake Ryan shows up unexpectedly for Sam at her sister's wedding. The two then sit on a table in the dark with a lit birthday cake between them and kiss.
  6. In The Wedding Singer, Robbie buys a ticket on a flight and, while on the plane, sings a self-penned song, "Grow Old With You" to fellow passenger, Julia.
  7. In When Harry Met Sally, Harry arrives at a New Year's party to declare all the reasons he loves Sally.
  8. In His Girl Friday, Walter tries to get Hildy back by framing her current fiancé for multiple crimes, landing him in jail.
  9. In Sleepless in Seattle, Annie writes a letter to Sam, a stranger, inviting him to meet her on the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day.
  10. In Breakfast at Tiffany's, Holly throws her cat out into the rain. When she returns to retrieve it, she finds Paul searching for the cat. The two kiss.

Are these grand gestures in romance films cute or weird?

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WGH 3 months ago
Most of these scenarios would be considered stalking today and land you in hot water, a.k.a. jail.
Adamtwelvia WGH 22 days ago
Especially His Girl Friday and Say Anything
WGH 3 months ago
#8 sounds like a plot stolen from the Bible. King David and Bethsheba
JKMallaber 4 months ago
30% similar. I've always been strange, I guess.
Charlotte 4 months ago
50% There are way too many weirdos out there today...don't encourage them!
DeannaT 4 months ago
Sorry I forgot to add
Happy Valentines 💝 everyone 💖
DeannaT 4 months ago
I'm 100% simular to everyone in being Cute or Weird!
billygardener19 4 months ago
40%...quite happy, because most people today are just WEIRD.
Gunsmoked 4 months ago
100% similar , I guess i'm an old romantic 😘 I proposed to my wife on our favorite mountan top at sunrise 30 years ago and she's still my Best Friend . . . The Love of My Life 🥰
LalaLucy 4 months ago
30% Ones I find weird, others found cute and vice versa. Story of my life.
ERROL 4 months ago
40% similar to the most popular responses
........o welllll
Kevin 4 months ago
50/50. Story of my life. I'm always somewhere in the middle no matter what it is.
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