Are these fun facts about New Year's Eve true or false?

From scaring off evil spirits to consuming 360 million glasses of champagne, are these fun facts about New Year's Eve true or false?

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It's almost time to ring in the new year! Have you made your list of resolutions yet? To celebrate the arrival of a new year, we want to test your knowledge on the holiday. 

Let's take a look at some fun facts about New Year's Eve. Your job? Decide if it's true or false. Good luck! Warning: champagne and a countdown clock until midnight is not included.

  1. Setting off fireworks is a New Year's Eve tradition because it's said to scare off evil spirits. You don't want any evil spirits following you into the new year. (link)
  2. A ban on fireworks in 1907 is why we now watch a giant New Year's Eve ball drop. (link)
  3. The most common resolution people make is to make more money in the new year. (link)
  4. Speaking of resolutions, it is estimated that 40 percent of resolutions are broken by February. (link)
  5. Dick Clark was the original host of New Year's Rockin' Eve.
  6. The New Year's Eve ball is lit up by an estimated 32,256 LED lights. (link)
  7. The Times Square ball drop in 1907 was the first time a ball had been dropped to signify anything.
  8. Eating black-eyed peas is good luck on New Year's Eve. (link)
  9. Since 1907, the ball has dropped every year without missing any dates. (link)
  10. With all those lights, the ball is estimated to weigh around 6,000 pounds. (link)
  11. There has been seven versions of the ball so far.
  12. According to National Insurance Crime Bureau, New Year's Eve is the night where the most cars are stolen. (link)
  13. About 360 million glasses of champagne are consumed in the U.S. on New Year's Eve alone. (link)
  14. New Year's Eve does not have a mascot. (link)

Are these fun facts about New Year's Eve true or false?

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wallyandbagfan 2 months ago
wallyandbagfan 2 months ago
Mr.Sandman by Emmylou Harris .
wallyandbagfan 2 months ago
Rod Serling of The Twilight Zone
wallyandbagfan 2 months ago
Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes.
I remember on Family Ties Michael
J. Fox asked his sister Jennifer
(TINA YOTHERS ) to sing Mr.
Sandman because he liked that song.
wallyandbagfan 2 months ago
Pink Shoelaces by Dodie Stevens.
wallyandbagfan 2 months ago
Bobby's GIRL by Marcie Blaine .
wallyandbagfan 2 months ago
I've Told Every Little Star by
Linda Scott.
bdettlingmetv 2 months ago
Number 5 is actually incorrect. Dick Clark was NOT the original host of New Years Rockin' Eve, although he was behind it's creation. The first NYRE show (December 31, 1972) was hosted by the group "Three Dog Night" with Dick as the Times Square correspondent. The following year the host was George Carlin, with Dick again as the Times Square reporter. The year after that the show was based in Chicago with Carlin again as host (primary music from "Chicago") and Dick again in Times Square. It wasn't until 1975 that it became "Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve".
logicgrrl bdettlingmetv 2 months ago
I think you're splitting hairs. The question asked who was the first host of New Years Rockin' Eve, and he was. The other shows you mentioned didn't have that name.
bdettlingmetv logicgrrl 2 months ago
Accuracy is not splitting hairs, although it does seem that way for many of MeTV's writers. And I just told you that Clark was NOT the first host of NYRE.

From the NYRE Wikipedia page:

"The special first aired on December 31, 1972; its first two editions were broadcast by NBC, and hosted by Three Dog Night and George Carlin, respectively, with Clark anchoring coverage from Times Square. In 1974–75, the program moved to its current home of ABC, and Clark assumed the role of host."

wallyandbagfan 2 months ago
Auld Lang Syne is the perfect song for New YEARS Eve &New YEARS
Also Happy New Year to Happy
Days actors Ron Howard Henry Winkler Anson Williams Donny
Most Randolph Roberts Neil J Schwartz Denis Mandel Scott Bernstein Barry Greenberg Scott Baio Danny Butch Suzi Quatro
Marion Ross Ted McGinley Cathy
Silvers Crystal Bernard Billy
Warlock Harris Kal Kevin Sullivan
And Lynda Goodfriend and MISTY
Rowe and Tita BELL.
I would also like to Remember these HD actors who are no longer
With us:Tom Bosley and Erin
Moran AL MOLINARO Pat Morita
Heather O Rourke and Gavan O'Herlihy and Garry Marshall the
Wonderful man who created one of the Greatest Sitcoms Of ALL TIME.
Also Happy New Year To Linda Purl.Happy Days actors no longer with us : BEATRICE COLEN and JOHN ANTHONY BAILEY and
Frances Bey and Billie BIRD Danny
Thomas Jack Dodson Ed Peck
And Pat O Brian.
wallyandbagfan 2 months ago
Does anyone know why there are false reports that certain actors have passed away ? I have received false news reports that John Travolta Elizabeth MacRae Henry Winkler and other actors have passed away and none of these
News reports are true. These news reports of certain actors passing away are false because if they were true Metv would be writing articles about any actors who have passed away.
LoveMETV22 wallyandbagfan 2 months ago
" Does anyone know why there are false reports."

Look @ the source where they're coming from. Might be a tabloid or other non credible source.
In other words: " Don't believe everything you see."
Mistertelvison 2 months ago
Happy New Year and a Healthy one too
Ajax 2 months ago
9/14. Still miss Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadiens 😄
Peteydog Ajax 2 months ago
Me too!
ELEANOR Ajax 2 months ago
Not sure how they did this, but I faintly remember Guy Lombardo buzzing around on a shiny wood speed boat on New Year's Eve somewhere on Times Square??
wallyandbagfan Ajax 2 months ago
I miss Guy Lumbardo also.
I also miss television performers
Garry Moore and Durwood Kirby.
WilliamJorns 2 months ago
11 out of 14 right! I missed on the weight of the ball; the percentage of resolutions broken by February and the factoid about the black-eyed peas. Otherwise, not too shabby.
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