Are these episodes of The Flintstones or M*A*S*H?

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The Flintstones and M*A*S*H aren't similar, but you can get laughs and a crazy plot from both. Those plots often have episode titles that are just as crazy as the plot they reflect.

Both shows are classics with episode titles that sound like they can be from either series.

Let's see if you can guess which ones belong to the right show. Good luck!

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  1. Episode title: Hot Lips Hannigan
  2. Episode title: A Little White Lie
  3. Episode title: Bananas, Crackers and Nuts
  4. Episode title: The X-Ray Story
  5. Episode title: A Smattering of Intelligence
  6. Episode title: Divided We Stand
  7. Episode title: Divided We Sail
  8. Episode title: Mail Call, Again
  9. Episode title: Feudin' and Fussin'
  10. Episode title: The Grim Reaper
  11. Episode title: Nuttin' But the Tooth
  12. Episode title: None Like It Hot

Are these episodes of The Flintstones or M*A*S*H?

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TheFanFromUNCLE 7 months ago
12/12. I've watched MASH a million times.
TheSentinel 12 months ago
10/12 - got all but the first two (and I got thrown by the first question's episode title because of the mention of "Hot Lips").
lmahabhashyam TheSentinel 12 months ago
Me too… I didn’t read the name close enough
NinaLove123 12 months ago
10/12 Fred and Barney were my favorite.
MrPerfect 12 months ago
12/12. Rumor has it Captain Jonathan S. Tuttle approved of this one.
dmirarh MrPerfect 12 months ago
12/12, yeah... right... sure you did.
JayBurd 12 months ago
9 of 12..... I haven't seen the Flintstones in decades.....
STTOS 12 months ago
Here's the moment of truth. You got 11 out of 12 - No need to be suspicious about this score. Good job! Missed #2, was thinking of a different MASH episode. Oh well!!
zathras 12 months ago
11/12. Miss hit the last one
Jon 12 months ago
12/12 - I don't know much about THE FLINTSTONES, but I can recognize every MASH episode title.
dmirarh Jon 12 months ago
BS, go 12 yourself.
Zip 12 months ago
Missed #'s 2 & 4.
Who knew that The Flintstones would have such serious titles?!
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