Are these characters from The Fugitive or The Big Valley?

Were these characters interacting with wrongfully convicted Dr. Kimble or in the West with the Barkleys?


Have you ever heard of a storyline where a doctor is wrongfully convicted and escapes custody to find a way to prove his innocence? It's not common, but it's The Fugitive. When you think of a show like this, a Western like The Big Valley is not the next thing that comes to mind.

Yet, we want to know if you know which show these characters can be seen on. We're giving you the name, you just have to pick the right show.

Note: Some characters have full names or titles, while others only have first names.

Good luck!

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  1. Character name: Captain Carpenter
  2. Character name: Silas
  3. Character name: Fred Madden
  4. Character name: Sergeant Rainey
  5. Character name: Heath
  6. Character name: Dr. Merar
  7. Character name: Fred Johnson
  8. Character name: Lt. Philip Gerard
  9. Character name: Teresa

Are these characters from The Fugitive or The Big Valley?

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dujon55 3 days ago
8 out of 9 . Two of my favorite shows.Missed number 6
Mark 8 months ago
9 out of 9. Wasn't sure who Teresa or Dr. Merar were, so I guessed on those, but I definitely knew the others!
texasluva 15 months ago
KJEexpress sang the right tune and got our MQ- The Music Man. Congrats KJE.
The Music Man (1962) 2 hr 31 min--Comedy--Family--Musical-
Traveling con artist Harold Hill targets the naïve residents of a small town in 1910s Iowa by posing as a boys' band leader to raise money before he can skip town.
Morton DaCosta
Robert Preston---Shirley Jones---Buddy Hackett---Hermione Gingold-
Ronny Howard---Paul Ford---Pert Kelton-
texasluva 15 months ago
MQ for 02/24/2023

I've changed my mind on this weeks Movie Quiz. Reasons are I just located this 2 days ago on IA search. I have in the past shown the trailer for it.

It's the early 20th-century American Midwest. A con man used several different schemes to bilk the unsuspecting, and now travels from town to town and takes money from the townsfolk for things he promises to promote his wares. He absconds with all the money, never to be seen again. For his scheme to work, he must gain the trust of the local teacher, usually by wooing her, regardless of her appearance. And if the town doesn't believe it has a youth problem needing to be fixed, he will manufacture one for them. He's able to impress all the other citizens with his fast-talking sales pitches, but not suspicious XXXXX whose hard-as-nails exterior is unlike all the other citizens. Her exterior is partly due to her somewhat removed standing in the town, as all the gossipy housewives believe she is a smut peddler - encouraging the teenagers to read certain authors such as xxxxx and mistakenly believe that she got her position as librarian through less-than-scrupulous means. A sullen boy who has withdrawn from life since a death two years before, when he started to lisp. Con man starts to fall for XXXXXX. The following is what leads to the name of this wonderful movie.


Status Quo - Whatever You Want---

Make Me A Perfect Murder --Columbo--

North by Northwest (1959) - The Crop Duster Scene --

Winter 1966-67: A Day in the Life of a 12-Year-Old (film projectors, Monkees, Batman, penny candy)--

Nudist Camp Owner on "What's My Line?"--

The King of Kings 1961 Intro High Quality (may be coming to your screens soon)--

Bonues Movies--
One of my favorite Classic Movie-

From Here To Eternity (1953) 1 hr 58 min-
Fred Zinnemann
Burt Lancaster---Montgomery Clift---Deborah Kerr---
Donna Reed---Frank Sinatra---Ernest Borgnine--

Serpico (1973) 2 hr 10 min- Biography--Crime--Drama (R)
Sidney Lumet
Al Pacino---John Randolph---Jack Kehoe---Cornelia Sharpe---Biff McGuire-

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texasluva KJExpress 15 months ago
Another good idea is to save into email also.
texasluva KJExpress 15 months ago
Tonight's MQ @ : Are these Star Trek episodes from The Original Series, or a different one?
texasluva MrsPhilHarris 15 months ago
Tonight's MQ @ : Are these Star Trek episodes from The Original Series, or a different one?
texasluva LoveMETV22 15 months ago
Tonight's MQ @ : Are these Star Trek episodes from The Original Series, or a different one?
AllisonWunderland 15 months ago
Hey everyone! See y’all in a few 💁‍♀️
Hi! I'll be there. 👋😎
By Gollie, I think Mollie’s got it! 😉👏
Awwwwww! She's cute, even from the rear.
Saturday Movies-

Zulu (1964) 2 hr 18 min- They do not make movies like this anymore. It only gets better as the movie unfolds. Actual part of history. Rated 7.7
Cy Endfield
Stanley Baker---Jack Hawkins---Ulla Jacobsson---
Michael Caine---James Booth---Nigel Green-

10 Cloverfield Lane- (2016) 1 hr 44 min- Hang on to your seat. You will wonder, you will fret, you will worry. You might even cover your eyes but don't miss this because when all seems to be clear you have the unbeievable ending.Whew.
John Goodman---Mary Elizabeth Winstead---John Gallagher Jr.--
Sunday Movie- 𝗦𝗽𝗮𝗿𝘁𝗮𝗰𝘂𝘀
One of the great classic movies. With opening music and credits. (5 min)

𝗦𝗽𝗮𝗿𝘁𝗮𝗰𝘂𝘀 (1960) 3 hr 17 min- Adventure--Biography--Drama
The slave Spartacus survives brutal training as a gladiator and leads a violent revolt against the decadent Roman Republic, as the ambitious Crassus seeks to gain power by crushing the uprising.
Stanley Kubrick
Kirk Douglas---Laurence Olivier---Jean Simmons---Peter Ustinov---Charles Laughton-
John Gavin---John Ireland---Nina Foch---John Dall---Charles McGraw---Tony Curtis
Coming to screens Friday/Saturday
Bonus Movies-

Airplane (1980)
Robert Hays---Julie Hagerty---Leslie Nielsen---Kareem Abdul-Jabbar---
Lloyd Bridges---Peter Graves---Robert Stack---Lorna Patterson---Otto-
Airplane! (1980) Original Trailer---

Madame X (1966)
Lana Turner---John Forsythe---Ricardo Montalban---Burgess Meredith-
Madame X (1966) Trailer---

Saturday Movie--

The Caine Mutiny (1954)
Humphrey Bogart---José Ferrer---Van Johnson---Fred MacMurray-
May Wynn---Robert Francis---Lee Marvin---
The Caine Mutiny (1954) ORIGINAL TRAILER---

Movie for coming by ---

The Silencers (1966) 1 hr 42 min--Action--Adventure-- Comedy---Part of the Matt Helm Series
Retired agent Matt Helm is re-activated in order to stop an evil organization from exploding an atom bomb over the USA and starting WWIII.
Director Phil Karlson
Dean Martin---Stella Stevens---Daliah Lavi---Victor Buono-
Arthur O'Connell---Robert Webber-
Tonight's MQ @ : Are these Star Trek episodes from The Original Series, or a different one?
LoveMETV22 15 months ago
Like both shows. Took a multi-pronged approach to the quiz:
Went for the obvious TBV characters 1st.
Then those with rank in their name ( Captain, Sergeant, Lt.)
Dr. sounded like TBV, also another Dr. was mentioned in the heading.
The Fred's- One on each series.
#9 was a lucky guess.
Wendy57 15 months ago
Never watched The Fugitive, never missed The Big Valley after school back in the day.
teire 15 months ago
5/9. I initially misunderstood the concept, but figuring it out didn’t help me! Fun anyway.
CaptainDunsel 15 months ago
Not so much a Big Valley as a modest crater. [le sigh]
MrsPhilHarris 15 months ago
8/9 I knew 3 of them and guessed the rest.
Sway 15 months ago
3/9 Heath, Silas, and a guess.
justjeff 15 months ago
8/9.... but here's a "sneak peek" of the new fonts I'm currently working on for April release... When finished, that will leave me just 11 more releases to reach a library of 2000 type designs!
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tootsieg justjeff 15 months ago
Very nice! I like Casual Siab but they are all unique.
Wendy57 justjeff 15 months ago
I agree 🙂
justjeff tootsieg 15 months ago
Thank you, too!
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