Are these Batman '66 villains from DC comics, or were they invented for the show?

Can you guess which of these rogues' gallery baddies are from the comics?


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The 1966 series Batman is memorable for a lot of reasons. The "holy catchphrase, Batman!". The BAM! POW! bubbles that popped up. However, you could argue that one of the most memorable parts is the colorful rogues' gallery.

The world of DC comics gave the show writers plenty of distinctive villains to put on the screen. However, they also made a few new ones along the way!

Some of these adversaries were so popular that they later showed up in comics down the line (or had cameos in movies!) We're asking if these dastardly foes were first seen in the 1966 TV show, or if they had been pulled from the world of the comics.

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  1. Siren
  2. False Face
  3. The Puzzler
  4. The Sandman
  5. Dr. Cassandra Spellcraft
  6. The Clock King
  7. Egghead
  8. Mr. Freeze
  9. King Tut
  10. The Bookworm
  11. The Mad Hatter
  12. Marsha, Queen of Diamonds
  13. Black Widow

Are these Batman '66 villains from DC comics, or were they invented for the show?

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Blondi 1 month ago
Didn’t so well on that one.
Tresix 1 month ago
10/13. I don’t remember False Face and Puzzler in the comic books. The closest to them I recall are Two-Face and The Cluemaster.
JHP 1 month ago

well..never read the comics and then I am sure the villains migrated to the show - goofy quiz IF you didn't do the comic thing
Pastorgman 1 month ago
13/13 - Hey wait a second. Isn’t that The Munster’s address?
cperrynaples Pastorgman 1 month ago
Yep, on Mockingbird Lane!
BEBruns 1 month ago
Number 8 is a misleading. The name Mr. Freeze was created for the TV series. He was based on a character from the comics called Mr. Zero. The character was then re-named in the comics.
bmoore4026 1 month ago
9 out of 13. Then again I'm more of a Marvel fan than a DC Comics fan. I've been a Marvel fan since '93 before it was popular.
MeFanFromSavan 1 month ago
9/13. 69.2 grade. A strong D+ and was a passing grade during my school days.
mpatrick 1 month ago
4 out of 13. I was NOT a comic book reader growing up but I did watch the show, which is my lame excuse for not knowing where the villians originated.
Bill_K 1 month ago
I think they owe me one. I never heard of "The Puzzler" in question three so I assumed it was something designed for the show. Now, if it had been listed correctly as "The Riddler", then yes, straight from the comics!
cperrynaples Bill_K 1 month ago
No, Puzzler was a Riddler clone...LOL!
OVkid 1 month ago
10 of 13. I guessed on most of them. I never read comic books when I was a kid. The only one I ever got was a Space Ghost comic when I was in the hospital for a couple of days.
Coldnorth OVkid 1 month ago
The only comics I had when I was a kid were second and third hand. Never had a new book either
Mark 1 month ago
9 out of 13. I could've sworn Bookworm was in the comics. I also accidentally hit the wrong answer on the Mad Hatter, and I didn't know that False Face was in the comics.
Irish 1 month ago
11/13 🦇
I wasn't into comic books in my youth, so I guessed most of these.
JHP Irish 1 month ago
yeah for me ...well I was into the magazines with the centerfolds:)
Irish JHP 1 month ago
Uh oh😂
djw1120 1 month ago
The worst "Riddler" was John Asten.
Thankfully he was only on once.
Frank Gorshin was and always the best actor to play "The Riddler".
And Burgess Merideth as "The Penguin", you could always tell where the makeup artist put on his nose.
And Cesar Romero as "The Joker", with his laugh, that was memorable, although you could see where the makeup artist painted over his mustache. He always refused to shave it off.
Fishbassist djw1120 1 month ago
Heath Ledger’s Joker performance was an amalgamation of several Jokers from Hammil’s to Nicholson’s. But when it came to his laugh, he went straight to Romero for inspiration. I can’t not hear Caesar Romero when he does it in The Dark Knight.
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