A Godfather Quiz

Let's see what you can recall about The Godfather.

Here's an offer you can't refuse... A quiz about The Godfather.

(Editor's Note: You can absolutely refuse this offer)

It's upheld as one of the great movies of all time. Its critical acclaim is rivaled only by its massive popularity.

So let's see what you can recall about The Godfather, its stars, its quotes, and its characters. Good luck, and maybe be on the lookout for horse heads under your blankets.

  1. What's the name of the author who wrote the novel The Godfather?
  2. Who plays Sonny Corleone?
  3. What is Diane Keaton's character named?
  4. What is Peter Clemenza's position in the mafia?
  5. How does Apollonia die?
  6. What character provides Fredo shelter in Las Vegas?
  7. The movie opens with Connie's wedding in what year?
  8. Michael serves in which branch of the military?
  9. Who is the enforcer sent to spy on the Tattaglias?
  10. "Leave the gun, take the ____________."

A Godfather Quiz

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Kaydee 8 days ago
8/10 I missed #4 #8 I absolutely loved The Godfather Pt. 1 The most compelling aspect for me watching The Godfather was the complete evolution of Micheal Corleone. From a mild mannered younger brother, to a confident reluctant intelligent military veteran. To a cold blooded killer and defender of his family. To his dedication to his father and the family affairs. And his desire of acceptance from his father that he is capable of handling the Corleone business. And enacting vengeance for the murder of his older brother, eliminating ALL of the family competitors and potential threats, even if it is the domestically violent husband of his little sister Connie who revered Micheal although she knew Micheal murdered her husband who deep down inside she despised her deceased husband for the way he treated her. The ultimate evolution of Micheal as a dedicated member of the Corleone family, attempting to make life better for himself, his children and his family having delusions of "making the Corleone enterprise "Legitimate. As well as his commitment to eliminate ANYONE who presents a clear and present danger to the family and to anyone who presents distrust or betrayal..Even if it is his own brother, the simple minded oldest brother Fredo. Whom he placed the order to have him killed soon after his mother died. I was just simply amazed by the Micheal Corleone character and that for me is what made The Godfather one of the greatest movies I've ever seen in my lifetime. .
grandpa5741 14 days ago
9 of 10? Why I’m going to rub someone out. 🔫🙃
MichaelJF 16 days ago
Barzini's dead.
So is Phillip Tattaglia , Moe Greene, Stracci, Cuneo.
Today, I settle all family business, so don't tell me you're innocent Carlo.
Admit what you did.
Now who approached you Barzini or Tattaglia?

Greatest movies ( 1&2) of all time. And it's not close.
Tresix 17 days ago
80%. What has The Roadrunner got to do with this?
DoctorSavage 18 days ago
10/10 This favor I don't forget.
Irish 20 days ago
I only got 4/10. It's been so long since I saw that movie. I can't remember it too well. I'll probably wake up tomorrow with a teddy bear's head in my bed! 🐻
DethBiz 23 days ago
9 out of 10. Can't believe I missed #8.
bringbackWKRP 23 days ago
A good movie but I sure would not want to cross those guys.
Pastorgman 24 days ago
10/10 - Questions I couldn’t refuse…to answer!
Markone23 25 days ago
I got 9/10 not bad. A great movie.
Wendy57 25 days ago
Love the movie ! 🍷🍝🥖🇮🇪
Except for the Fredo parts.
He’s so pathetic.
atiq1969 Wendy57 14 days ago
He's supposed to be.
Wendy57 atiq1969 13 days ago
I know, but, it still gets to me.
The fact that they wait until their mother dies. 😢😩
atiq1969 Wendy57 7 days ago
It's so horrible.
KellyO 25 days ago
Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes..
jimmyvici 25 days ago
6/10…looks like I have to watch it again.
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