This load of vintage merchandise shows just how massive ALF was back in the 1980s

These 23 products prove ALF was the alien king of TV.

We will admit it. Back in the 1980s, we got two goldfish. We named one Mel and the other Mac, in honor of ALF's home planet of Melmac.

ALF may not have been the most popular sitcom on television (though it become the No. 10 show in America in its second season) but the furry, wise-cracking alien was the king of the marketing tie-in. Between the years 1986 and 1990, when the show aired on NBC, you could find all kinds of merchadise with ALF on it.

Were you looking for ALF games, desserts, clothing, toys or music? Well, ALF had two words for you: "No problem!"

Compiling all this stuff, we learned that ALF was particularly popular in Germany. Like Hasselhoff famous.

Do you remember seeing — or owning — any of this sweet ALF swag? 

1. Wrist watches


"Is that an aardvark attacking your forearm?" "Nope, it's my awesome new ALF wrist watch!" We've seen mink stoles with less fur.


2. Skateboards


The year 1987 was a peak for skateboard culture too, with movies and arcade games based on the growing sport. Naturally, someone had to slap ALF of a deck, and Valterra was up for it.

Image: webringjustice

3. Ice Cream


What do you think ALF tastes like? According to these treats, toffee, vanilla and chocolate.

Image: longwhitekid

4. Cake molds


You could make your own ALF-shaped desserts at home, too.

Image: vanmarkcollectables / eBay

5. Video Games


ALF popped up in all kinds of games, from educational disks for PCs to Sega cartridges. You can play this ALF computer game right now. Fair warning: It makes that infamous Atari E.T. game look like Super Mario Bros.


6. Pajamas


After all that skating and eating, it was time for bed. First, you had to slip into some cozy ALF sleepwear.


7. Sleeping Bags


Next, tuck up inside an official ALF sleeping bag.


8. Plush dolls


Don't forget to snuggle up with your ALF stuffed doll. Oh, and some of these guys could talk, too, with the help of a cassette tape.

Image: retrowaste

9. Tent


Then, crawl inside your official ALF tent.


10. Wait, more tents


Oh, did you think there was only one ALF tent available? Ha. There was this indoor sleep bivouac, as well.


11. Alarm Clocks


Time to wake up! ALF will have you ready for a new day.


12. Toothbrushes


Brush your teeth. An official ALF toothbrush will get all those cake crumbs out of your mouth.


13. Electric Toothbrushes


But why do all the work when you can get an official battery-operated ALF electric toothbrush? 

Image: vintageboxedblonde / Etsy

14. Paint sets


There's lots to do today. Take some time to be creative, with this ALF paint set.

Image: theangryspider

15. Pop music


For some creative inspiration, crank up an ALF party record. You can boogie to ALF's hit (well, a hit in Germany) single "Stuck on Earth," or flip the vinyl over for "Cruisin' on Melmac Interstate."

Image: Discogs

16. Halloween costumes


Trick or treat! Collegeville, one of the few companies that cranked out those plastic licensed costumes you would buy at the drug store, produced this budget costume.

Image: sunboystoys / eBay

17. Action figures


Coleco pumped out plastic figures based on ALF and his pals from the ALF animated series.

Image: retiredmats / eBay

18. Cartoons


Oh, did we forget to mention there were not one, but two ALF cartoons? First up was the prequel series, ALF: The Animated Series, which was set on his home planet of Melmac. The spin-off ALF Tales followed, which parodied famous fairy tales.

Image: Wikipedia

19. Comic Books


If you prefer your illustrated ALF in still form, there were dozens of comics. Marvel published 50 issues of its ALF title over the span of four years.


20. Magazines


He appeared all over the newsstand.

Image: TV Guide

21. Trading Cards


Topps sold cards featuring both stills from the TV show and fictional "Bouillabaseball" cards of Melmac's favorite sport.


22. Lunch Boxes


When not chasing cats, ALF enjoyed a pile of fast food. Our parents put healthier options in this Thermos lunch box.

Image: kidscornervintage / Etsy

23. Telephones


Who's that calling? Probably another merchandiser looking to license ALF.




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