These were the top films of 1976. How many have you seen?

This was the year Rocky Balboa climbed up the stairs in Philadelphia.

Looking back 45 years ago, it's clear that even though a lot has changed at the movies, a lot of things still remain the same. In 1976, remakes and sequels were huge among audiences, proving the demand for those types of films isn't a new phenomenon. 

However, the box office 45 years ago differs from today because there are some critically acclaimed historical dramas and documentaries that wouldn't make as much money if they were released today. Let's see if these 10 films that topped the box office charts in 1976 have stood the test of time. Which ones do you remember?

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1. Rocky

Domestic gross: $117.2 million

Unsurprisingly, Rocky was the biggest film of the year, and remains one of the most beloved films of the 20th century. The sports drama won the prize for Best Picture at the Academy Awards while launching the career of Sylvester Stallone.

The film was so big, Rocky Balboa's popularity endures today. Last year, Stallone reprised his role in the spin-off film Creed, for which he won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor. 


2. A Star Is Born

Domestic gross: $80 million

The second remake of the 1937 film proved audiences still loved the story of a rising star. The film depicts Barbra Streisand winning a Grammy, and in real life, she won a Grammy Award for the film's love theme, "Evergreen." 


3. All the President's Men

Domestic gross: $70.6 million

Based on the true story of two journalists who investigate the Watergate scandal for The Washington Post, the film is actually the third installment of director Alan Pakula's "paranoia trilogy."


4. The Omen

Domestic gross: $60.9 million

Horror films revolving around religion proved to be big at the box office in the 1970s, with The Exorcist coming out three years before The Omen.


5. In Search of Noah's Ark

Domestic gross: $55.7 million

The low budget documentary film that explores where Noah's Arc might have ended up stunned film experts by becoming the fifth highest grossing film of the year. 


6. King Kong

Domestic gross: $52.6 million

Part of the reason there are so many remakes is because they are just so popular with audiences. The first remake of the 1933 film of the same name, it's the only adaptation to feature the giant creature climbing up the World Trade Center instead of the Empire State Building. 


7. Silver Streak

Domestic gross: $51 million

Silver Streak was the first film to pair Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. The duo would go on to star in three more films.


8. The Enforcer

Domestic gross: $46.2 million

The third installment in the Dirty Harry series had Clint Eastwood going after the People's Revolutionary Strike Force. The film was a rare misstep for Eastwood, with critics blasting his performance. 


9. Midway

Domestic gross: $46.2 million

The war film about the WWII naval battle near the Midway Islands features heavyweights like Charlton Heston, Henry Fonda, and James Coburn. The film also features a musical score by legendary composer John Williams.

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10. The Bad News Bears

Domestic gross: $42.3 million

The film about misfit Little Leaguers was so popular, it spawned two sequels, a remake, and a short-lived TV show


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Glen58 23 months ago
Seen them all, I was a movie going hound back in the day LOL
BruceBertrand 23 months ago
Saw Midway in Sensurround! That, BAD NEWS BEARS, KING KONG, and IN SEARCH OF NOAH'S ARK in the theatre. All others later on cable or home video.
BenWallace 23 months ago
Rocky in theatre,King Kong in theatre,All the President's Men tv,Bad News Bears tv.
ChuckPayne 37 months ago
In 1976, I was 9. So I saw none of them. Since then about 7 of them.
I was 14 and I saw most of them in-theater.
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