These vintage Christmas decorations are more terrifying than Halloween

We'll just stick with lights and tinsel, thanks.

Images: Etsy / iStock

Christmas is a time for joy. Decorating with silver and gold, tinsel and bulbs, and some of the creepiest elves and Santas we've ever seen. There was just something about the holiday decor of the midcentury that was downright unsettling, and it's no wonder we don't see these types of ornaments in the Christmas aisles of Target.

However, there are plenty of people who either reminisce about the Christmas decor of this time, or just love the kitsch, despite the creepiness. If you fall into one of these categories, you'll be happy to know all of these listed ornaments are for sale!

1. This murderous elf


Sure, we can conclude that the makers of this little ceramic elf meant to make him look like he was making the doll. But it definitely looks more like he's holding her for ransom.

Image:  / Etsy

2. This mutant reindeer


Lovers of kitsch should certainly have a spot on their tree for this Christmas version of the mechanical baby spider from Toy Story, because it's actually pretty cool, albeit creepy.

Image: JeanKnee / Etsy

3. This side-eyeing Santa


When you look at this Roly Poly Santa from the 1940s, he's actually kind of cute. As long as he stays in place. Because he definitely also looks like he could come to life.

Image: CactusCountryAntique / Etsy

4. This spooky elf jar


Looking for a way to keep your kids from digging into the Christmas cookies before dinner? Put them in this elf jar.

Image: ForeverYoursVintage / Etsy

5. This Santa that sees you when you're sleeping


Did this coin-operated Santa Claus have eyeballs when he was made in the 1960s? We don't know but he definitely doesn't now, and we do know we can't get the image out of our minds.

Image: MyHeirloomCharms / Etsy

6. This sneaky elf candle holder


This little elf is probably plotting something and probably shouldn't be trusted with open flames. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Image: RetroRebelTrading / Etsy

7. These elves that want your soul


These black-eyed elves from the 1950s are attached to stakes so they can sit in your poinsettia plant or have a means of defense when they inevitably turn on you.

Image: StoneCottageVintage / Etsy

8. This Santa that might keep him away from your house


This spooky lawn ornament features light-up eyes that the real Santa will definitely see when he flies by your house on Christmas. It can be yours for $700.

Image: FILCA / Etsy

9. This elf that's probably going to eat that little horse


This diabolical elf ornament reminds us of the mean elves from A Christmas Story.

Image: naturegirl22 / Etsy

10. This other black-eyed elf


Before Elves on Shelves wreaked havoc in cute Facebook pictures, these were the original "knee huggers." Maybe this guy will scale your Christmas tree — or nightstand, or leg.

Image:  / Etsy

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