See how the cast of Full House changed from the first episode to the last

Even over an eight-season run, one thing stayed consistent: Joey's fun fashion choices.

The appearances of actors tend to change a lot over the course of an entire series, especially a series with an eight-season run. Full House had a total of 192 episodes. In those 192 episodes you may remember Stephanie's first day of school, D.J.'s first kiss, the many outfits Joey rocked and of course, Jesse's mullet.

Full House was one of those family sitcoms that aired for so long, fans could literally watch as the cast grew up in front of their eyes. Let's take a look at how the cast of Full House changed from the first episode to the very last.

1. Danny Tanner


Out of all the changes on Full House, one thing remained the same: Danny Tanner's love for his family. Danny may not have had the biggest change in appearance but he was the consistent glue that kept everyone together from the first episode to the last. 

2. Jesse Katsopolis


Are you as bummed as we are that Jesse didn't keep his mullet for all eight seasons of Full House? Jesse had some major character development throughout the series and even became a dad himself. Jesse remained rock and roll from the first episode to the very last.

3. Joey Gladstone


Joey never stopped being Joey, not even for a second. The most fashionable member of the Full House family, he's known for his fun...and sometimes wild fashion choices. We all need a friend like Joey in our lives. 

4. Aunt Becky


Aunt Becky was first introduced in the episode "Tanner vs. Gibbler." She made Full House a bit more full when her and Jesse had two kids of their own. From her first appearence to her final one as a mom, she always looked her best.

5. D.J. Tanner


D.J.'s voice changed as much as her appearance over the course of eight seasons. She was 10-years-old during the first season and 18 by the last episode.

6. Stephanie Tanner


Many fans watched Stephanie Tanner go from a young kid to a 13-year-old by the final season of Full House. She's almost unrecognizable by the last season.

7. Michelle Tanner


Michelle really came a long way since her crib and diaper days in the first season. She was played by both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Do you think these photos are of Mary-Kate or Ashley?

8. Kimmy Gibbler


Kimmy Gibbler's first apperance on Full House was in the episode "The First Day of School." She was D.J.'s best friend since season one and by the final season, she was an 18-year-old going to prom! 

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JHP 19 months ago

now where is my ice pick for ears and eyes
DZee 21 months ago
They all look more boring...if that is possible.
CANARYMETV666 21 months ago
I love Full House.
My favorite character is Dave Coulier ,the one that played Joey Glad
Rob 21 months ago
No more Full House! I’ve heard that Me TV is changing its name to FHTV and will show Full House 24/7. I hope that is not true.
RichLorn Rob 21 months ago
There are so many better classic shows out there we would love to see again, and which younger viewers have NEVER seen.
BuckeyeBeth 21 months ago
I caught the show every once in a while on its original run. It just really didn’t interest me at the time. I was older than the kids, younger than the adults and didn’t have a crush on John Stamos. I’ve caught it more in re-runs than I ever did then. Watching it now for some reason Kimmy reminds me of Jenny Piccalo from Happy Days. Not sure if it’s their boy-crazy characters of if they were both tall thin teens with fairly similar facial features. Maybe a combination of both. All I know is it was enough that I recently googled to see if Andrea Barber was in any way related to Cathy Silvers. Nope.
George57 21 months ago
They all must drink from the fountain of youth. It's amazing how good they all look after all this time.
Runeshaper 21 months ago
They all aged pretty well here.
cperrynaples 21 months ago
Fun Fact: When Lori Loughlin had her "legal issues", Aunt Becky moved to Kansas! Ironically, her first break came on The Edge Of Night...LOL!
cperrynaples cperrynaples 21 months ago
PS you forgot that Uncle Jesse's original last name was Cochran [perhaps a tribute to Eddie Cochran] but it was changed reportedly at Stamos' request! Even his parents changed their last name...LOL!
cperrynaples cperrynaples 21 months ago
PSS And I assume you didn't include the twins because they didn't change until Fuller House!
Michael 21 months ago
Kimmie Gibbler is the only interesting one ofthe bunch.

The Walton kids evolved a lot over the run of the show, except for John Boy. Nowonder he referred tothe others as "children"
LoveMETV22 Michael 21 months ago
The Kimmie Gibbler, Arnold Horshack, Screech (SBTB), Steve Urkel and probably a few others of that character type all have their place. Some love them, some hate them, some love to hate them. However for the creators/producers of those shows it translates to 💲💲💲💲.
WGH LoveMETV22 14 months ago
You forgot Jenny Piccolo.
LoveMETV22 WGH 14 months ago
True, and there maybe others. None pop to mind @the moment. Jenny Piccolo (Cathy Silvers) likely landed that role due to her dad, and a few connections. But nonetheless there were probably fans of the character.
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