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bagandwallyfan52 32 months ago
I like Svengoolie on METV. I also
Used to watch Wolfman Mac's
Chiller Drive In on RETRO TV.
I like all horror hosts.
Does anyone out there in
METV Land receive
CH.8 WGHP in High Point NC
CH.8 WRIC in Petersburg VA
Because I used to watch
Bowman Body on Shock Theatre
On channel 8 in Petersburg-
Richmond and I used to watch
Dr. Paul Bearer on channel 8
In High Point NC.
Elvira is also a great horror host.
I wonder if anyone can figure
Out who he 2 TV characters in
My user name are??!!
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I like the 1974 Halloween
Episode of Happy Days also. When BAG disguised
Himself as a ghost at the
Old Simpson House everyone was scared except Richie.
There is a You Tube Video
Called The Best of Bag
Zombroski season one
Of Happy Days.
Also on You Tube is a
Video called My Friend
Skip Young(Wally Plumstead).
I also like he Happy Days
Episode where a little old
Lady(Mary Betten ) told
Al Delevechio(All Molinaro)
That she put a curse on
Al. The episode where
DR. Ludlow(Dick Gautier)
Wanted to steal Fonzie's
Cool WS a cool episode.
One of the funniest lines
Was when IGOR(Al Molinaro) saw Jenny Piccalo Cathy Silvers
And Eugene Belvin
(Denis Mandel)at the
Door of Castle Ludlow
He said to Jenny"You're
Dating him??
I also like the Happy Days
Episode called The Spirit
Is Willing where FONZIE
(Henry Winkler) had a
Nightmare where he was
In a car with a ghost named Nancy Haley and
The car was on the railroad
Track with Fonzie knocking
On the window saying
Let me out. I want to live
And then Fonzie woke up
From his nightmare.
Akexa Hamilton played
The ghost Nancy Haley.
I also like the episode
Of The Andy Griffith Show
Where Andy Taylor
Barney Five and Gomer Pyle go to the old Rimshaw
House to get OPIEs baseballl.
There was an episode of
The Lucy Show where
Lucy and Viv were turned
Into witches by vampire
Mr. Mooney(Gale Gordon).
There were 2 strange episodes of The Dick Van
Dyke Show about walnuts
And Danny Thomas as Kolack and the episode
Where Rob.Laura Buddy
And Sally go to a haunted
Lodge and Buddy Sorrell
Is the first person to
Vanish.The Happy Days
Episode where Chachi
Made a deal with Melvin
Scratch to be warm and
Wonderful was also funny.
An episode of Make Room
For Daddy Danny Thomas
Signs a contract with
Jack Benny and the devil
(Gale Gordon AKA Theodore
J.Mooney on The Lucy Show.I wish that Wendy
(Misty Rowe) Moose(Barry
Greenberg) Marsha Simms
(Beatrice Colen )
Spike(Danny Butch)
Eugene Belvin (Denis Mandel)Trudy(Tita Bell)
Chuck Cunningham 2
Randolph Roberts
Chuck Cunningham 1
Gavan O Herlihy
Flip Phillips(Billy Warlock)
Daphne Hillary Horan
KC Cunningham (Crystal
Bernard) and Bag Zombroski (,Neil J. Schwartz) had not all
"Disappeared from
Happy Days With No.
Explanation and Gloria
(Linda Purl) Richie's
Girlfriend also vanished
And The Halloween episode called Haunted(the old
Simpson house was the
Last appearance of Gloria.
I also wish that Melvin
Belvin(Scott Bernstein )
Had not vanished from Happy Days.
I always loved those “spooky” or Hallowe’een episodes.
Ellelee36 32 months ago
I remember all the Christopher Lee as Dracula, i always wished he would bite my neck! 😂 Good old movies! Memories
MikeyMello 32 months ago
I will take one of each please🤘🤘
Runeshaper 32 months ago
I wish MeTV made fitted shirts for dudes. Classic fit is solid, but just not for everyone (-:
UTZAAKE 32 months ago
Where's the Zé do Caixão t-shirts?
Zip UTZAAKE 32 months ago
I thought maybe that was a rare pic of the elusive Count Istvan Teleky.
MrsPhilHarris Zip 32 months ago
Got to love the count! Probably my fav AGS episode!
CJLV 32 months ago
Need to have some Lon Chaney Jr Wolf Man vs generic Wolf Man T-shirts (like Amazon has!)

Deloz1957 32 months ago
Run the after school specials on MeTV, right after school!
Pacificsun Deloz1957 32 months ago
Why would you run the afterschool specials after school?
Deloz1957 32 months ago
Run the after school specials on MeTV, right after school!
crankypants 32 months ago
How about some ghostly Akira Kurosawa?
AgingDisgracefully 32 months ago
I was hoping for something from one of horrors earliest straight-to-video releases: Maude - Naked and Frisky.
Peter_Falk_Fan 32 months ago
I like watching those classic horror films. I would watch anything with Vincent Price. I still have my 1973 Topps Creature Feature/You'll Die Laughing Monster Cards.
harlow1313 32 months ago
I love the monsters, so much more relatable than the generic male hero, and his second class woman who is there to serve coffee. Sigh.

I particularly love Elsa Lanchester, but sadly, the bride of Frankenstein would not have me.
Michael 32 months ago
Nothing Abbott and Costello -ish?

They did star in films with all the famous monsters.
MrsPhilHarris Michael 32 months ago
Oh I love the Abbot & Costello monster movies.
I I wonder if Svengoolie
Will show these movies:
Plan 9 From Outer Space
Rocky Horror Picture Show
10 Little Indians
Earth Girls Are Easy
Santa Claus Conquers The
My Demon Lover
House of Usher
Billy The Kid VS Dracula
House On Haunted Hll
I’m positive Sven has aired House On Haunted Hill
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