Here's the real price of these 8 classic TV homes

How much would the Cleavers pay today for their home?

How much would our favorite TV characters pay for their homes today? In the real estate market, it depends on location, location, location. 

Some families would be getting away with steals out in the suburbs of Middle America. Others would be paying a fortune to live in Manhattan or Los Angeles.

Check out the modern real price of these eight TV homes. Do any of them surprise you? 

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1. Leave It to Beaver

The Beavers live in a three-bedroom home on Pine Street in the fictional suburb of Mayfield. To compare, we'll look at homes in the best suburb in the nation according to Business Insider — New Albany, Ohio. Comparable homes there cost anywhere from $350,000 to $500,000, meaning Ward Cleaver must have a decent salary!

2. The Odd Couple

Just blocks from Central Park in Manhattan, Felix and Oscar's two-bedroom apartment on Park Avenue would cost them about $5,600 per month. That's a whopping $2,800 each. For that much money, now we know why Felix was always angry at Oscar for being a slob.

3. Bewitched

Couldn't Samantha wiggle her nose and conjure enough cash to afford a mansion? That's beside the point. On Bewitched, the Stephens live in a modest home in Westport, Connecticut. Comparable homes in the area today cost about $650,000 — not bad for living so close to New York City.

Image: Sony Pictures Television

4. The Munsters

The delightfully gothic home on The Munsters is actually located on the Universal Studios lot in Southern California. 1313 Mocking Lane would cost the family about $1.2 million today — and that's before the rumored $1 million spent to make the home look so spooky.

Image: NBCUniversal

5. The Wonder Years

The Arnold family could have lived in Anytown, USA, but the real location for the home used on The Wonder Years is on a quiet street in Burbank, Caliornia. Today, the three-bedroom home is worth about $880,000. That's a steal for Southern California! 

Image: 20th Television

6. The Golden Girls

Rose, Dorothy and Sophia live in Blanche's four-bedroom home in Miami. The real home used for the show's exterior shots is valued right now at $3.2 million in Los Angeles. However, if the home were located in Southern Florida, it would only cost about $790,000 today. Note to self: Retire to Southern Florida, not Southern California.

Image: Buena Vista Television 

7. The Jeffersons

The Jeffersons moved on up to the East Side of Manhattan, meaning the deluxe apartment in the sky must have been worth a fortune. A four bedroom apartment in the building where the family lived in during the show's 11 seasons, 185 E. 85th Street, costs about $20,000 per month today.

Image: Sony Pictures Television

8. The Dick Van Dyke Show

The Petries lived on Bonnie Meadow Road in suburban New Rochelle, New York. A three-bedroom home in the area would cost the couple anywhere between $460,000 and $850,000

Image: Paul Brownstein Productions

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Susan00100 19 months ago
I don't recall there ever being an exterior shot of the Petrie home.
BTW, wasn't the Munster mansion the model for the haunted house from THE AMITYVILLE HORROR?
KarenJonesHill 48 months ago
Why have today's prices on the properties, when they were long ago? What were the prices then is my question!
remodel18 KarenJonesHill 39 months ago
Good question and it would be interesting to see the prices. Nothing like today of course.
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