Everything you never knew about Eggo waffles

The history behind the Eggo we can't l'eggo.

When Eggo waffles first popped up on the market, the year was 1953. It was invented by three brothers, Anthony, Sam and Frank Dorsa, who'd previously been known for their mayo business that took off in the 1930s. Ahead of the frozen food craze by a solid two decades, the Dorsas' product still dominates the frozen waffle market, but how much do you really know about these Eggos we all can't seem to l'eggo?

Keep reading to discover some fascinating facts about everyone's favorite frozen waffles.

1. They were originally called "Froffles."

When Eggos first appeared on shelves, they had a totally different name. Even though the packaging said "Froffles" - a combination of "frozen" and "waffles" - customers started calling them Eggos, because of the egg flavor that apparently stuck out more to them. So if you're wondering why they're called Eggos, it's because the Dorsa brothers clearly believed "the customer is always right!"

2. There were also Eggo potato chips.

Before they sold their brand to the Kellogg Company, the Dorsas made other products under the Eggo umbrella, including their own mayonnaise and potato chips. It's been said that Tony Dorsa used to give out the potato chips to trick-or-treaters on Halloween instead of candy.

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3. The slogan "L'eggo My Eggo" was born in 1972.

"L'eggo My Eggo" is a slogan developed by Leo Burnett in 1972, after Kellogg acquired the brand. It's since become one of the most-repeated taglines for any food product, so popular in fact that Eggo recently took it out of retirement.

4. There was once an Eggo restaurant.

It seems a little backwards since Eggos were invented for convenience, but the Dorsas did open one Eggos restaurant in Redondo Beach in 1968. Kinda makes you wonder if the waffles taste better fresh...

5. We saw this famous child actor first on Eggo commercials.

Jason Hervey was among the first kids to utter "L'Eggo My Eggo" in a commercial, later featuring as the recurring character Charlie in the last season of Diff'rent Strokes before being cast as Wayne Arnold on The Wonder Years. In that way, you could say he was the first TV star obsessed with the frozen waffles, even though they are now synonymous with Eleven from the Netflix series Stranger Things.

6. Millennials love Eggos.

Everyone picks on millennials for killing the cereal business, but it seems their health-conscious leanings have yet to hit the frozen aisle. Sales of Eggos and similar products are going up, even as cereal giants like Kellogg's (who owns Eggos) struggle to keep their Cornflakes and other breakfast items relevant.

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richardhoover7 33 months ago
you know what i had eggo waffles with chocalate chips in the this morning
idkwut2use 46 months ago
I'm a Millenial who grew up eating cereal constantly and still do, practically daily...the same's probably true for most of my contemporaries...I just had a bowl of Corn Pops literally five minutes ago. I resent the accusation of killing the cereal industry. ;p Didn't know it was experiencing any difficulties whatsoever. I mean, cereal is just...such a staple! Some a tad sugary but not unhealthy. And Eggos? Likewise, how can ya live without 'em?! And what's unhealthy about 'em? Nada! x-p
DawnGraham 65 months ago
They owe a lot of sales to the show Stranger Things.
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