Collector's Call Web Extras: Star Wars toys, comics, props and more!

See things we could not fit in this episode from a galaxy far, far away!

After his first viewing as a child, Eric Pfeifer began collecting everything related to Star Wars. Now his collection is so vast — covering both floors of his house as well as its basement — that he holds regular "Pfeifer-Cons," drawing people from near and far to come and view it.

Let's take a closer look at a collection powerful in the Force.

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1. Image gallery: Inside the collection

Eric's entire house is dedicated to his Star Wars collection! Let's take a tour…


2. BONUS VIDEO: Marvel 'Star Wars' No. 1 Comic Book

Did you keep your copy from July '77? This issue is thought to have saved the comics industry as a whole. Did you know the cover price has a lot to do with the value? You want the 35¢ edition.


3. Bonus video: Star Wars Black Series Figures

This first run of the "Black Series" introduced the more detailed, six-inch action figures that are now the "meat and potatoes" of Star Wars collecting. Of course, you have to leave them in the box.


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peacefrog77 47 months ago
Star Wars should of stop after Return Of The Jedi. Everything that has come after has sucked.
Wiseguy peacefrog77 47 months ago
Always "should have" or "should've." Never "should of," "could of" or "would of."
OldTVfanatic 47 months ago
Don’t be surprised to see Baby Yoda in the collection.
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