Collector's Call Web Extras: Pac-Man collectibles you'll want to gobble up!

Check out a Pac-Man bike, lamp, sled, skates and more!

Brian Smolik has "Pac-Man Fever." As a fan of the game since the ’80s, Brian began collecting anything and everything with the Pac-Man design, and these days his basement is packed to the gills with Pac-Man paraphernalia.

He has rare items in impressive condition. We brought along Tim Lapetino, a video game historian who appraised Brian's collection.

1. Image gallery: Inside the collection


Take a closer look at the colorful collectibles in Brian's "Pac-Mancave."


2. Bonus Video: Pac-Man Board Games


Milton-Bradley released a board game version of Pac-Man shortly after the arcade version became a global sensation. Brian has different versions of the board game, even a European release which includes different colors of ghosts.


3. Bonus Video: Pac-Man Cartoon Animation Cels


Hanna-Barbera launched its Pac-Man cartoon show in 1982. It aired for two seasons on Saturday mornings. Brian has production cels featuring Pac-Man and the ghosts, including subsequent frames.


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SabrinaBritt 47 months ago
I have a Ms. Pac-Man Gumball Machine with box from the 1980s and cannot seem to find out any information on it at all! I see that Brian has a Pac-Man one...does he have the Ms. Pac-Man? Is it rare?
DJS3 48 months ago
That man suffers from an ailment which has no cure. 💉 That man has Pac-Man fever!
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