Collector's Call Web Extras: Elton John sunglasses, costumes, lyrics and more

These collectibles (crocodile) rock!

Jim Turano's love for Elton John started in 1973, when he was nine years old and heard "Crocodile Rock" on the radio. In the decades since, he's proved himself a superfan by attending over 193 concerts — and beyond that, by building an unrivaled collection of Elton John memorabilia.

Jim proudly shares with us some of his rarest and most exclusive pieces, including a Captain Fantastic pinball machine from 1976, handwritten lyrics by Elton John’s collaborator Bernie Taupin, and a spectacular costume jacket (with matching glasses) worn by Elton onstage.

Jim is joined by his wife Jami, whose enthusiasm for Elton is almost as great as his own; while Lisa brought music industry veteran David Ashdown to appraise Jim’s collection — and tempt him into a trade for an iconic item from Elton's personal wardrobe.

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1. Image gallery: Take a closer look at these Elton John items

Pinball machines, paintings and personal notes! SEE MORE

2. Bonus video: Handwritten note from Elton John

Jim snapped this photo of Elton John and his children onstage at a Las Vegas concert in 2018. He sent pictures to Elton and received a touching thank-you note back from the superstar. WATCH NOW

3. Bonus video: Stage-used Elton John concert towel

Jim caught this towel tossed by Elton from the stage during a concert in suburban Chicago in 1982. Nice catch! WATCH NOW

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RobCertSDSCascap 47 months ago
Fun fact: Elton only took the part on the condition that giant Doc Martins went with it!
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