Collector's Call Web Extras: A million-dollar Barbie collection

Now that is a closet full of (tiny) fashion.

Photographer Malenna Bravo didn’t start her Barbie collection until she was an adult — but she’s more than made up for lost time, amassing a collection of more than 3,000 versions of the world's most famous fashion doll, plus accessories, spinoffs and more.

And the collection is still growing. Malenna estimates she spends $20,000 a year in new acquisitions.

She shares with Lisa some of her prized finds, including an original Barbie from 1959 in nearly pristine condition; the entire line of Golden Dream Barbies from all around the globe; and a vintage coat made for Barbie from real mink, whose market value is now higher than a full-size mink for a real person.

Our host Lisa brought along certified appraiser Kate Martin to appraise the collection — and to try to tempt Mell into a trade for an extremely rare item not in Mell’s collection: a fully accessorized version of the German doll that inspired Barbie’s creation.

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1. Image gallery: Inside the collection

Take a closer look at the rare dolls in Malenna's closet, from Barbie's inspiration to the original Barbie to "Hawaiian SuperStar" Barbie. SEE MORE

2. Bonus video: Color Magic Barbie

The cool Barbie came with special powder to dye her chair and her clothes. Plus, the packaging could be converted into a Barbie closet. No wonder it's worth thousands. WATCH NOW

3. Bonus video: Beauty Secrets Barbie

This is a store display, a marketing item typically thrown away by retailers. Finding one intact means big money for collectors. WATCH NOW

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D 47 months ago
Why is this show on? I thought metv was classic television.
RobCertSDSCascap 47 months ago
Head of security. If you want the best, you pay the most!
dlml7 48 months ago
I can sell her alot of rare barbies please contact me
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