8 villains from Batman 1966 you probably won't see in the next Batman movie

The Joker, The Riddler, and Catwoman made the leap from the small screen to theaters. Egghead, Bookworm, and Ma Parker? Not so much.

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Nobody loves a good egg pun as much as Egghead himself!
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Recently, the 2022 Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson cast a spotlight on the classic Batman villain, The Riddler. While The Joker has become Batman's go-to nemesis in pop culture, we've seen lots of the rogues gallery onscreen over the years. Who could forget Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze? Or Danny DeVito as The Penguin?

Of course, while The Riddler, The Joker, Mr. Freeze, and more all appeared on the Adam West Batman show in the 1960s, there were quite a few other colorful villains that West's Batman went up against. Here's eight of them that you probably won't see when the next Batman movie hits theaters.

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1. The Mad Hatter

When we meet The Mad Hatter, we hear about how he's stealing hats of the jurors who sent him to prison. He's also stealing the jurors, but that's less important. The Hatter has his eyes set on Batman's cowl, and he's going to steal every hat in Gotham to get to it if he has to! The hat with hypnotizing eyes that pop out is a pretty nifty gadget.

2. The Bookworm

The Bookworm commits crimes taken from – you guessed it – books. Inspired by literary plots, he also leaves clues behind for our hero about his next crime. Of course, the clues are all book-themed. What books would he use for his crimes if he was featured in the next Batman movie? If he used Twilight, there could be a wonderful Robert Pattinson crossover.

3. The Clock King

With his "stuck in an hourglass slowly filling with sand" trap, The Clock King may have actually been ahead of his time! In the show he wanted to steal surrealist paintings that dealt with time and antique watches. He did technically appear in a hit 2017 Batman movie – as a cameo in The Lego Batman Movie.

4. Ma Parker

Ma Parker is an interesting villain. Think if Aunt Bee decided to go into crime using Andy and Barney as henchmen. She's like a Martha Stewart mob boss when she convinces other villains, especially Catwoman, to follow her. Unfortunately hair clip smoke bombs and rocket powered wheelchairs aren't especially cinematic these days, so we probably won't be seeing her going up against Batman on the big screen anytime soon.

5. Egghead

One of the characters who certainly won't show up on the big screen as a lead villain, but one of them on the list that we most would love to see. Egghead is fondly remembered as Vincent Price from the '66 series, where he chewed the scenery as only Vincent Price can, did his best to make every sentence an egg pun, and sat around in his breakfast-food themed lair. Along with Clock King, he got a brief cameo in The Lego Batman Movie.

6. Shame

Yeehaw! This "Conniving Cowboy of Crime" adds a splash of flair to his western look with a purple polka-dotted bandana that he wears during hold-ups. This character was known for his cowardice and dirty tricks, saying "Doggone it, Batman. You cheated, you know we ain't no good in a fair fight."

7. Colonel Gumm

If this bubblegum pink villain looks familiar, you might recognize the actor, Roger C. Carmel as Harry Mudd from Star Trek. Gumm was obsessed with stamps and alphabet soup, but the most iconic thing about this baddie was his motif of hot pink. Get it? Gum, pink, bubblegum? Nobody ever said the '66 series was subtle.

8. Louie the Lilac

Louie is styled after a 1920s gangster, but he's into flowers. Like, really into flowers. That and his love of perfume sets this tough apart from the crowd. This is another one that is unlikely to ever be highlighted in theaters, but boy would it be fun to see. In the show, he used a lilac on his jacket that sprayed a mind-control fragrance, as well as man-eating lilacs. 

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RobertM 19 months ago
The Mad Hatter was played by David Wayne--who my late father once saw in person.
Tommygunz 19 months ago
Does anyone remember the villainous Siren played by Joan Collins? she had an high octave that put men in her trance like Bruce Wayne.
CynFinnegan 22 months ago
What's really funny is that, in the comics, Clock King was a villain in Green Arrow's Rogue's Gallery.
MichaelFields 22 months ago
I loved how the show got the most famous actors to play them, I mean Sid, Meredith. Kit, Romano , come on
TinaMarieHaddadRhodes 22 months ago
All the Batman characters were great. The actors who played them were awesome and very original… And very entertaining…
George 22 months ago
I think that was the point of the characters to be far fetched and original not real…
MichaelFields George 22 months ago
You Do know that this was camp, I mean what hero has to but his name on everything Batcomputer Batphone Batmicroscope, and that is what made the show fun, and you do not have to type in all caps, there is a button on your keyboard called Cap lock and it will take it off all CAPS and make is so you do not seem like a unintelligent person
DuanneWalton 22 months ago
I'd love to see the Mad Hatter in a Batman movie. He's a much different character in the comics.
Gwen 22 months ago
The musician in me is missing Chandell and his evil twin Harry. This duo was played by the one and only Liberace. Yes, everyone wanted to be in on the Batman action back in the day.
JoeGuenther 22 months ago
Clock King was in the comic books. False Face was a probable substitute for Two Face. The Archer and Mistrel weren't in the comic books either. The Londinium villains whose names I forget.
WilliamUchtman 22 months ago
I can't believe King Tut and Dr. Minerva didn't make the list.
I can’t believe it either. I can’t see why King Tut couldn’t be in a Batman movie. He was a professor and his character was and actual person….
* Nora Clavicle should've also made this list!
There was a rumor going around in the early 90s that Robert De Niro was going to portray King Tut in a future Batman movie. Dr. Minerva is a Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) villian but Barbara Minerva aka Cheetah was a Wonder Woman villianess.
Tresix 22 months ago
I could see Mad Hatter possibly making into the movies since he actually appeared in the comic books. The others were made up for the show.
nightshade Tresix 13 months ago
he also was in the the animated series a few times also
Tresix nightshade 13 months ago
Bit of trivia: on the animated series, Mad Hatter was voiced by Roddy McDowall who played Bookworm on the Sixties show. I think he’s the only actor to pull off the feat of being a villain in both incarnations.
Snickers 22 months ago
Really, no mention of Tallulah Bankhead playing Black Widow?
cheduff 22 months ago
“Sylvester!! Will you just shut up and let me talk!!”
cheduff 22 months ago
Ethel Merman played Lola Lasagna and I really loved her in “It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World”.
no1spcl 22 months ago
How could we forget Lola Lasagna?
cheduff 22 months ago
Shelley Winters played Ma Parker.
Tresix cheduff 13 months ago
Then, three years later, played the real Ma Barker in “Bloody Mama”.
cheduff 22 months ago
Victor Buono played King Tut.
grogan81 22 months ago
Disappointed not to see King Tut on this list. He was always a favorite villain of mine.
Snickers grogan81 22 months ago
One of my favorites as well
Wgomez 22 months ago
I completely have forgotten all those villains. Thank you for the reminder.
JohnDonovan 22 months ago
We cannot forget the best Batman villain Clownface with his henchmen Hoo, Hah, and Hee. I miss the original Simpsons.
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