8 mysterious and spooky things that only happen at The Addams Family Halloween party

Initially, some of these items don't seem too strange for Halloween, but trust us, they are.

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Nobody bobs for apples like The Addams Family!
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The Addams Family is ooky no matter what episode is on, or what time of the year it's playing. But when Halloween rolls around, the family turns the ooky up a notch or two. 

From freaky festivities to spooky spirits, just about anything and everything can happen when you spend a Halloween night at 001 Cemetery Lane. 

Each of the two seasons of The Addams Family have a Halloween-themed episode. In "Halloween with the Addams Family" and "Halloween, Addams Style," we get a look at the family's favorite holiday and all the screams, spirits and Aunt Singe that comes with it. 

These are 8 things that are probably only going to happen at an Addams family Halloween party. 

1. Reciting a Halloween poem


No Halloween at the Addams household would be complete without the reading of a nightmarish poem! Uncle Fester sets the lights (with his own bulb) while Lurch jumps on the harpsichord. This classic poem creeps out the Addams' visitors so bad, they leave before Gomez finishes it! The words aren't that spooky! Do you remember this poem?

2. Competitive apple-bobbing takes place


While it's common to bob for apples on Halloween, there's a good chance it won't be done off of a home-made seesaw. Gomez and Uncle Fester have to use their respective body weights against one another to grab an apple. Instead of a general countdown, the bang from Morticia's pistol signifies the start of the challenge. It's a fierce competition until the doorbell rings. That's when Gomez decides to answer it, hops off the seesaw and sends Uncle Fester head-first into the water! At least he got the special Halloween prize!

3. The bobbing doesn't stop at apples


Perhaps this is only customary when guests are present, but there's a chance bobbing for apples will be replaced with bobbing for crabs! When the Addams family thinks a pair of robbers are simply middle-aged trick or treaters, they're invited in to help celebrate the spooky holiday! The horrified robbers point out the crab is alive and moving, to which Morticia responds, "that's the challenge." What are you doing if you see bobbing for crabs at a Halloween party? 

4. They're the only ones handing out salamander


Be glad you didn't have to trick or treat at the Addams family house. If you did, you wouldn't get chocolate, popcorn or sweets. Instead you'd get "a couple hundred" bite-sized salamander sandwiches! Lurch obviously takes his time, and for these treats, it's worth it! Of course they were prepared in true Addams Family fashion, cut up by guillotine just like at every house! At least these are better than what Gomez originally suggested for trick or treaters... a pair of walrus tusks! 

5. Making contact with a spirit


After filling up on salamander sandwiches, the Addams family just might try to contact a spirit or witch, right from their own family tree! For most people, dressing up scary is getting into a ghost or goblin costume or putting on a spooky mask. But when that is the everyday life of the Addams family, they dress Wednesday up as a princess to frighten others! Much to her dismay, she doesn't scare anybody and is even told that witches don't exist! To refute this, the family attempts to make contact with their great, great, great Aunt Singe! It's a good thing Grandmama was able to provide a serpent tooth as a sacrifice!

6. A new pet might arrive


The reality of Aunt Singe showing up on Halloween night is becoming more and more unlikely, much to the disappointment of Wednesday. As a backup plan to cheer her up, Gomez goes out for a new pet horse. This horse, given the pet name of Rover, can count all the way to ten! That's nothing compared to Uncle Fester, who can count to twenty! Too bad for Rover and Gomez, Wednesday would "rather have a spider." 

7. Trick or treaters get money, not candy


The Addams family house just might be the only one where you leave with money instead of candy! Gomez thinks his neighbors have given his guests, the robbers, money instead of candy when searching through their bag. Thus, instead of gifting apples (or salamander sandwiches), he opens the drawer and stuffs a few more bucks into the thieves' bag, willingly! Where else are you going to get that kind of generosity? 

8. Guests will absolutely be terrified


Above all else, being terrified certainly won't get lost during a Halloween evening with the Addams family. Scares are the name of the game on Halloween, and anybody who hosts a party or get-together is bound to try and get somebody to scream at some point! Of course, most people use the classic tricks such as jump scares or freaky masks. At the Addams house, it's the "regular" things that make visitors run for the door! Whether it be robbers or who they think is their great, great, great Aunt Singe, Kitty Kat, bobbing for crabs and Uncle Fester are all things scary enough to send anyone whose last name isn't Addams, into a panic! 

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Gomez donned a different kind of striped suit for moon bathing and Pugsley horrified Morticia in his boy scout uniform.


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sputnik_57 20 months ago
THANKS for bringing back AF for the Halloween season...that's a real treat! (But please put them back in storage for the rest of the year).
Steve2021 20 months ago
What ever happened to cousin IT ? He should be in one of those Halloween skits.
Coldnorth Steve2021 20 months ago
My deceased brother in law used to call me cousin itt cuz of my long hair
AgingDisgracefully 20 months ago
Our Halloween always includes ringing the Letterman doorbell and seeing the kids get treated to a heapin'-helpin', mega-scoop of mashed potatoes.
A healthy alternative to candy corn or those genuinely scary things wrapped in orange and black wax paper.
tootsieg 20 months ago
Every day was Halloween in the Addams house. 🎃🎃
harlow1313 20 months ago
Grandmama greets trick-or-treaters in hot-pants and platform shoes, wearing her ostrich-feathered pimp hat. Or was that J.J. on "Good Times." Did Grandmama ever say, "dy-no-mite!"?
LoveMETV22 harlow1313 20 months ago
ELEANOR LoveMETV22 20 months ago
JJ's held up pretty well and even manages to say "Dyn-O-Mite" pretty well on that annoying commercial.
LoveMETV22 20 months ago
Cute story. I'd bob for a crab if they cooked it afterward. I wonder though if Rover can count to 10, how that compares to Mr.Ed. 🐴🐎🎃🎃
texasluva LoveMETV22 20 months ago
Can animals count? https://animals.howstuffworks.com/animal-facts/can-animals-count.htm
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