7 things you may not have known about Svengoolie, as told from his panel at C2E2 2022

The horror host told stories of his overnight success — after 43 years!

He's an overnight success — it just took him 43 years! After a few years of broadcasting from the Sven-cave, Svengoolie was finally able to emerge from his tomb and mingle with fans at the annual Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo once more!

During the weekend of August 5-7, 2022, Sven signed autographs, took photos, and heard (and told) more than a few bad jokes. As part of his haunting of C2E2, he held a panel where he took questions and told stories of his success, from Chicago to Berwyn —

(All together now...) BERRR-WYN?

— and here's 7 facts you might not have known that came from that panel.

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1. He faced rejection


Sven talked about when the series was first getting off the ground. Of course, as many die-hard Svenpals know, Jerry G. Bishop was the original Svengoolie, but when they had a chance to revive the show after cancellation, Jerry wasn't interested in reprising the role and gave it to Rich Koz with his blessing. However, it wasn't always so easy. "One program director, when I told him what I wanted to do, he laughed and hung up on me," Sven said. "I wonder where he's working now."

2. He doesn't see other horror hosts as competition


"There's room for everybody," Sven said about the recent interest in hosted horror shows. "Our success nationally has made some markets go, oh hey, we can do this."

3. His first horror movie


So what started the life-long passion for horror? "The first horror movie I ever saw was King Kong." The 1933 movie has been ranked by Rotten Tomatoes as the best horror film of all time. The special effects used in the film were groundbreaking at the time. "Part of [the appeal] was the stop-motion animation."

4. The comic legend who was a hand at the door


One of the most iconic parts of Sven's show is the hand at the door at the end, accompanied by a disembodied voice who tells Sven an audience-submitted joke. George Perez, the Marvel and DC comics legend behind The Avengers and Crisis on Infinite Earths was a huge Svengoolie fan and became a close personal friend. He appeared as one of the hands at the door!

5. The sidekick who went out with a bang


Before Kerwyn became Sven's #2, a few different characters came through the dungeon. One of them was Ed the Bat, who spoke in an electronically altered high-pitched voice. One of the MeTV executives found Ed the Bat so annoying that when the choice was made to retire Ed, they decided to send him off memorably. "We shot an ending where he called him into his office and attacked him with a club."

6. The movie he thinks is underrated


What movie does Sven feel doesn't get enough love? "Fiend Without a Face." He's talking about the 1958 British black-and-white movie that you may have seen on Svengoolie before. Sven especially loves the monsters, who are invisible for most of the movie, but when they become visible, they look like — well, we won't spoil it here.

7. The sacrifice that Gilbert Gottfried made for the show


Gilbert Gottfried, who we sadly lost in April of 2022, was a big fan of the show and a personal friend of Sven. He would come and film segments for Svengoolie when he was in town. "He was careful to never say anything that we would need to cut out," Sven said, "which was quite an undertaking for him!"

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bemgawhitetiger 12 months ago
I am a big fan of Svengoolie, (I love the old horror movies), but can't get it on Dish TV. Dish removed it, saying Svengoolie wouldn't pay what they were asking , for MeTV to be aired. I have tried to get it on free tv. It shows up, as you can tell, as I'm on MeTV, but it won't play. Could you tell me where I can get on a station to watch Svengoolie. I live in Attalla, AL.
bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
This Is It theme song from The
Bugs Bunny Show with Bugs Bunny &Daffy Duck.
Ghoulgirl 21 months ago
I grew up in northeastern NC where many of our stations came out of Virginia. We loved Dr.Madblood I think from the Hampton area. My older brother lived in Richmond where The Boeman Body (not sure I spelled that right) hosted Saturday nights. They came on right after SNL which made Saturday nights great! Now my husband of 33 years an I watch Svengoolie on MeTV here in CT every week! I love EVERYTHING about MeTV, sad we lost MeTV2....anyway, LOVE SVENGOOLIE! Keep on ghoulin!
Sylvia1154 21 months ago
Dr. Paul Bearer in Tampa, FL when I was a kid.
Dr Paul Bearer was also the
Host of Shock Theater WGHP
Channel 8 in High Point North Carolina and I also watched
Bowman Body (Bill Bowman )
was the host of Shock Theater
In ch 8 WXEX in Petersburg VA.
L 21 months ago
Boston had Simon Sigtorum. We also had Creature Feature.
WHY does the Japanese have such a fondness for Godzilla?
Barnbaby L 21 months ago
Oh, man, I love the Godzilla films, at least the older ones. Maybe because I was stationed in Japan for 3 years ? Hmm.....
MPAFUZZY 21 months ago
Pittsburgh, PA had Chilly Billy
RobertSzymanski 22 months ago
Say, I live in Northern California. I have SuddenLink now, Optimum...Humboldt County. How do I..or will we still get yer show Svengoolie? I was a kid in the 1960's and grew up watching in Southern California, Jeepers Creepers, Chiller, Seymour ( who I personally met in Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park), Moona Lisa Clark, Arach, Grimsley and Elvira! I sent a letter to Seymour and he read it! I asked for a tape copy of his Spooky Theremin theme music and said he couldn't pronounced my polack name! My parents laughed.....
Zip 22 months ago
When I was living in Rockford, IL, there was a horror host that I would watch but I can't remember his name. All I remember is that he was tall, lean, and just kind of low key. Kind of creepy, but that was the point.
Nala92129 Zip 21 months ago
scott 22 months ago
Also; Elvira was the 1st Ghoul Host with humor, eye rolling and sarcasm (I think). Props to her for coming out last year.
Well done, Mistress of the Dark! ❤️
scott 22 months ago
In Cincinnati we had “Creature Feature, but I don’t recall the ghoulish host. But I always watched and was scared of Dr. Frankenstein’s creation. Which made me watch it again and again!
zman47240 scott 22 months ago
The host was the Cool Ghoul.
Sylvia1154 scott 21 months ago
I think it was Dr. Paul Bearer. That’s who hosted the Creature Feature show in FLA when I was a kid
Tasha2003 22 months ago
We used to have Uncle Ted’s Ghoul School which was a show here in the Wilkes Barre/Scranton PA market back in the 70’s every Friday night at 1130. Uncle Ted used to play old horror movies and have comic sketches in between commercial breaks. It was groundbreaking TV and very entertaining.
sammyjomama 22 months ago
my earliest memory of watching the original pops svengoolie was the movie wasp woman, where a woman turns into a homicidal maniac insect through science in order to keep herself young. that movie was hilarious! 2nd most memorable was the 3D movie with svengoolie jr., where we had to buy the special glasses at gas stations and certain retail establishments to watch creature from the black lagoon. it was a bust. sure we were disappointed, but i can see now that the event (and it really was big) really brought the city together in a sort of shared grief. 😆 we treasure our horror show, and host as well, and i’m very excited that we can share him with the world. ❤️
PTMER 22 months ago
In the Los Angeles, CA., area, in the early 1960s, we had a scary, horror movie host, named Jeepers Creepers, on late Saturday nights. He had a ghoulfriend, named Ghoulita and used a lot Shtick that Sven uses.
He even recorded a 45 single, co-written by Frank Zappa, called "Dear Jeepers"...
bdettlingmetv PTMER 22 months ago
Thanks for that info- a little before my time. I recall "Seymour" on I believe KTLA (Channel 5)- remember watching Boris Karlhof's "The Mummy" with Seymour 'wiping in' periodically to deliver a quip. There's a lot of info out there about that host, and I recall quite an outpouring when he passed away.
Deleted 22 months ago
This comment has been removed.
sammyjomama 22 months ago
i suffered for years when i moved from chicago and found that local affiliates don’t carry metv. now i stream it through frndlytv.com. thank goodness there’s an option now! costs the same or less than hulu. try streaming. it certainly was a lifesaver for me.
22 months ago
This comment has been removed.
TheBennie102103 21 months ago
I would watch METV on WJAR CH 10.2, they did drop METV on 9/1, so I went out and bought a better OTA antenna and now watch it on METV in Boston on CH 5.2, all is good now :)
charwelsh 22 months ago
Chilly Billy, Host of Chiller Theatre, in Pittsburgh, PA was the best! On the air from 1963 to 1984.
Deleted 22 months ago
This comment has been removed.
sammyjomama 22 months ago
stream metv through frndlytv.com.
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