5 facts about 'Snoopy, Come Home' voice actor Bill Melendez

From working on Disney's Pinocchio to producing hundreds of commercials, Melendez was pretty special.

Have you ever wondered who voiced Snoopy in the legendary animation, Snoopy, Come Home? Bill Melendez had the honor of bringing this fictional character to life, but his work before and after the film shows he was perfect for the role.

Learning about the talent behind the voice gives you a deeper insight into how unique the film is, and it's cool to learn about their other work and creative processes.

Here are five facts about Snoopy, Come Home voice actor Bill Melendez.

1. He voiced Snoopy in this Peanuts film and several others

If Snoopy is one of your favorite Peanuts characters, Bill Melendez could be a part of the reason why. He voiced the legendary animated dog in Snoopy, Come Home, A Boy Named Charlie Brown, Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown and more. 

2. Melendez contributed to Disney's films Pinocchio and Bambi

Before his contributions to the Peanuts universe, Melendez was a part of Disney's historic animation family. He worked on films like Pinocchio and Bambi and watched Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs before working with Disney.

3. He served as an animator on the Looney Tunes series

Image Credit: Looney Tunes and all related characters and elements are TM of & @ c Warner Bros Entertainment Inc.

After working with Disney, Melendez got the opportunity to work on the Looney Tunes series where he served as an animator.

4. Melendez served on the advisory board at a film institution

With experience working with some of the biggest film companies, it was only fitting for Melendez to serve on the advisory board at the National Student Film Institute during the 1980s and 1990s.

5. He produced and directed hundreds of commercials

Not only was he an animator and voice actor, Melendez also produced and directed hundreds of television commercials during his lifetime. 

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Not only could he play the piano, but he was also a college student!


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Mato1970 4 months ago
Bill Melendez also worked on the Christmas special "Frosty Returns" and the animated version of "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe."
timothys71 4 months ago
So glad that MeTV is able to bring us "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" and "Snoopy, Come Home" again, since the Peanuts holiday specials are (sadly) no longer available on over-the-air TV. There are a couple of other Peanuts feature films, such as "Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown" from 1977 and "Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown" from 1980. Perhaps they will be able to show us those films sometime?
Kramden62 4 months ago
I was surprised to discover "Snoopy Come Home" *failed bigtime* at the box office. It only made about $375,000 - not even enough to recoup its cost - and because of that CBS closed Cinema Center Films, who made "Snoopy" (Cinema Center Films was CBS' first venture into theatrical film production). CBS didn't return to the movie-making scene until a decade later when they set up a distribution deal with Warner Bros. and called the theatrical film division CBS Theatrical Films.
DENISE61 4 months ago
Until today I didn’t realize how far away they had Franklin on the Thanksgiving special. He was sitting alone, while the other kids were sitting across from him racial Harmony, My auntie and if you think I’m letting my children watch completely completely out of your mind and there will be no more for me. I barely watch TV anyway I didn’t realize how racist Schultz was.
monkeyboy563 DENISE61 4 months ago
Yeah. Right.
Mato1970 DENISE61 4 months ago
People like you see racism in anything and everything. Furthermore, you clearly don't know what you're talking about. Schulz created the character of Franklin to combat racism. And on "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving," they all say at the same table, whereas just a decade ago, such a thing was forbidden in some states. What else did you want them to do? Make out with Franklin? And obviously, you've never seen "Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown," in which Franklin dances with one of the girls (Marcie, I believe). So that's your accusations of racism shattered!
Wolfie 4 months ago
I am so grateful that Me-TV is broadcasting these Charlie Brown Films (you can't find the major Networks broadcasting any Holiday Specials, all they broadcast is crap and that's why we tune into Me-TV!)
timothys71 Wolfie 4 months ago
The original animated version of the Grinch, the original Frosty, and Rudolph still air annually on major networks, but those are among the few animated holiday specials from my youth that are still broadcast over the air. It would be cool if MeTV could get their hands on some of the now-rarely-shown classic holiday specials and run a block of them, perhaps on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or the Sunday before.
Mato1970 timothys71 4 months ago
You can see many of them on either AMC or Freeform. Freeform has even shown the version of Rudolph with the deleted scenes.
justjeff 4 months ago
This was Bill Melendez (1916-2008)...
Runeshaper 4 months ago
Sounds like Bill Melendez was a very talented man! (-:
ArthurYee 16 months ago
Another fact:. Bill Melendez's name appeared in the opening credits animation in the 1963 all star comedy film It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World but not in the written credits. Melendez and the other animators' names appeared like flying falling confetti when the World popped open.
GNOSTICTRACY 16 months ago
They had kids do voices in peanuts
Michael 17 months ago
They're running out of facts. Two storiestoday with five entries, then another in the past week.
McGillahooala Michael 17 months ago
I keep waiting on a story about the guy who delivered sandwiches to the animators during lunch breaks.
justjeff McGillahooala 4 months ago
His name was Clem McAhooley. The animators always ordered creamed, chipped toad scales on pumpernickel with limburger cheese...
Bricat2001 17 months ago
Never knew he worked for disney, also what looney tune cartoons did he animate?
Michael Bricat2001 17 months ago
I imagined him as young, ready to take on Peanuts transition to TV.
LoveMETV22 Bricat2001 17 months ago
A lot.
He was not only an animator but a Producer, Actor, Director, Writer as well as other credits to numerous to list all in one post.

Bricat2001 LoveMETV22 17 months ago
Thats amazing!
MarkSpeck Bricat2001 16 months ago
He was billed as J.C. Melendez on Looney Tunes cartoons.
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