3 surprise, surprise, surprising times you didn't catch this classic Gomer Pyle line

Gahw-lee! People sure are clever with this memorable saying.

Gomer Pyle has solidified himself as an icon to viewers since 1962. It's an understandable phenomenon — he's our favorite cousin and our least helpful mechanic, and he's got a catchphrase for every occasion.

It's not uncommon to hear someone refer to a bumbling, clumsy friend as a Gomer Pyle, or even to hear a drawn out "gahw-lee" in feigned surprise. However, pop culture has embraced another Pyle phrase.

As our pal would say, "Surprise, surprise, surprise…." Here are three occasions in which we hear this memorable Gomer Pyle-ism outside of Mayberry and the military.

1. The Wall, Pink Floyd, 1979


Most impressively (and perhaps sneakily) is the honorable mention that rock band Pink Floyd gives to Pyle's happy phrase. On their 1979 album The Wall, track 16 is entitled "Nobody Home." On this track, at the three-minute mark, you can hear Pyle's voice giving an undisputed "surprise, surprise, surprise" over the piano chords. The rock-opera album was an exciting and unique release from the band, hanging out at number one in the U.S. charts for 15 weeks, and number three in the U.K. charts.

2. Forrest Gump, 1994


Yet another lovable military man is recognized by this phrase. In this iconic film, a television can be heard in the background when Tom Hanks (as the title character) is practicing ping pong after he'd been injured in the Vietnam War. As Hanks shows off his natural abilities with a paddle, Gomer Pyle can be heard saying, "Surprise, surprise, surprise!" as Hanks focuses on the ball. Timing is everything, and this moment nails the subtle delivery of the line, giving the audience a new chuckle to listen for.

3. Evan Almighty, 2007


This family flick features humor aimed towards a younger audience, but manages to throw in a few references for the grown-ups in attendence. In one such example, Evan Baxter (Steve Carell) has begun to build his ark, and informs his wife Joan (Lauren Graham) that he has purchased the eight plots of lands surrounding their family home. In a tense moment of shock and disbelief, Carell's character attempts to lighten the mood with a playful, "Surprise, surprise, surprise..." Don't get your hopes up, buddy.  

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ttenchantr 36 months ago
Forrest Gump is almost as insufferable as Gomer Pyle.
JeffTanner 60 months ago
I have never heard the whole Pink Floyd The Wall album, only the main song. And I have never seen the two movies listed here.
Den mou aresi! kolos!
anthony 60 months ago
"Well Golly"!!!You forgot"Shazam".👉👉"Shame,shame,shame!"
SheriHeffner 60 months ago
I remember in Forest Gump.
Tuckerpete SheriHeffner 60 months ago
"Surprise, surprise, surprise..."
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