13 of the most memorable Lisa Whelchel moments on Collector's Call

Lisa Whelchel was an airline pilot, a Pinball Wizard, a bowling champion and much more during this season of Collector's Call.

Sep. 26, 2023

Lisa Whelchel took a tour of some of the greatest collections across the country during season four of Collector's Call! With season four coming to a close, we wanted to take a look back at some of Lisa's best moments over the course of the season.

This season we've seen massive pop culture collections, vintage arcade games, music history memorabilia, a variety of toys and much more. From the time Lisa took a ride in a giant wagon, to the time she put on Cher's earrings; Lisa has done it all this season!

It's been a season full of firsts, broken records, new trades and some familiar faces. While Lisa may not know everything about collecting, she has brought us together this season with some of her weirdest and most wild moments to date. 

Take a look back at some of Lisa Whelchel's most memorable moments this season! Tell us your favorite Lisa moment from season four of Collector's Call below in the comments section.

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1. Rich Correll's Horror and Sci-Fi Props and Costumes Collection

Season four, episode one

Rich Correll's collection kicked off season four with pop culture memorabilia that included everything from Jurassic Park dinosaurs to a few very iconic villains... including The Joker. 

In the season premiere of Collector's Call, Lisa Whelchel had a jump scare when this (very) realistic version of The Joker came alive in front of her.

The former child actor from Leave It to Beaver believed that being scared was usually followed by laughter, which is why he loved the horror genre.

Lisa proved that was absolutely true.

Other highlights from Rich's collection included: The Darth Maul costume from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, an Emmett "Doc" Brown screen-used costume and even The Wicked Witch costume from The Wizard of Oz.

Rich had one of the most expensive collections in season four. 

2. Steve Emerson's Van Halen and Sports Collection

Season four, episode two

This is the moment when Lisa Whelchel put on a Los Angeles Rams helmet, signed by Deacon Jones and Merlin Olsen.

The result? Helmet hair... and a bad case of it!

Steve Emerson's collection featured two nostalgic topics that weirdly seemed to go hand-in-hand: Sports and Van Halen. He has over 5,000 collectibles.

Other highlights from Steve's collection includes: An autographed Mickey Mantle baseball, a rare Michael Jordan "Mr. June" jersey, Van Halen autographs and more!

Perhaps the most valuable item for Lisa was the hairspray she used to fix her helmet hair.

3. Memorable Rides with Lisa Whelchel

Season four, episode 11

Lisa Whelchel knows how to ride in style!

Since the beginning of this season, Lisa has been able to take a tour of many memorable collections... sometimes she'd even do it while riding in a wagon!

Lisa's many wild rides included Brian Grams' pink Barbie car, which fit Lisa perfectly, and a giant red wagon.

She has racked up the travel miles this season! Other Hollywood cars featured in Brian's Hollywood car collection included: 1966 Batmobile, Greased Lightning Car and the original screen-used car from Miami Vice.

She's been in a variety of vehicles this season, but which ride was your favorite?

4. Musical Moments with Lisa Whelchel

Season four, episode three and 14

Lisa had many musical moments over the course of season four!

From Katherine McCabe's Monkee Mania collection to Larry's rockin' collection of all things Rolling Stones; These musical collections hit a high note this season.

Lisa was surrounded by the sweet sounds of musical instruments, autographed merch and even a few former band members! All of our music collectors gave Lisa something to sing about all season long! 

Which band's memorabilia would you love to see someday on Collector's Call?

5. Video Games with Lisa Whelchel

Season four, episode 4 and 10

Our video game collectors scored high with Lisa this season. Take a look at these epic gamer girl moments with Lisa.

John Pederson's massive arcade collection featured Fast Draw Pinball, a vintage Star Trek pinball machine and much more.

The pinball jacket was given to John by his mom, it looks good and Lisa approved of his high scoring collection.

Lisa even beat collector Linda Guillory in a game, which is still one of the most impressive moments from the show! Hopefully we will see a rematch someday.

What game are you certain you could beat Lisa in? Leave a comment below.

6. Arthur's Magical Houdini Collection

Season four, episode five

Collector Arthur Moses had one magical collection! Even though Arthur wasn't a magician himself, he kept a few tricks up his sleeve in order to surprise Lisa with a magic trick!

Other highlights from Arthur's collection included: Houdini's famous straightjacket, a magical collection of props and much more!

This was a collection nobody wanted to escape from — not even Lisa! 

7. Anthony Toth's Airline Memorabilia Collection

Season four, episode eight

Lisa was the captain of this high-flying episode of Collector's Call, featuring Anthony Toth's collection of airline memorabilia.

Anthony fell in love with aviation as a kid and now owns a fully restored 747 airplane, vintage Braniff airline uniforms and much more.

Thanks to Captain Lisa, we were able to successfully land this season of Collector's Call.

8. When Lisa Whelchel met Garfield

Season four, episode 12

Cathy and Robert's collection was complete with this giant lasagna-loving cat who Lisa was lucky enough to meet.

With over 6,000 pieces in Cathy and Robert's collection, Cathy holds the Guinness World Record for largest Garfield collection.

Although Cathy and Robert don't own a cat, they clearly have enough tabby cats to go around. 

Other highlights from the Garfield collection included: A vintage Garfield amusement park ride, a rare Garfield crystal, the original Garfield plush toy and more.

9. Seth Buckley's Toy Collection

Season four, episode 15

Go figure! Here's another action-packed collection with over 7,000 toys and action figures.

Lisa signed her iconic Facts of Life figure, while Seth showed off his action figure, which even wore a Kiss shirt to represent his love for the band.

These are now two of the rarest action figures we've ever seen on Collector's Call.

As Seth said: His collection is equivalent to a giant toy store, just located at a private residence where nothing is for sale.

Other highlights from Seth's collection included: Star Trek: TOS action figures, vintage figures from The Waltons, a variety of Mego superheroes and more!

10. Janell and Pat Hanlon's Motorcycle Collection

Season four, episode 16

We hope you've enjoyed the wild ride that has been season four of Collector's Call! This is one of our top moments this season.

Lisa was able to show off her motorcycle skills on this memorable episode, featuring Janell and Pat Hanlon. 

Janell and Pat have bikes that include everything from Honda to Harley. They cherish their biker family just as much as they cherish the bikes themselves. Welcome to the family, Lisa.

Other highlights from Janell and Pat's collection included: 1977 Triumph Bonneville Silver Jubilee, 1955 Jawa Ice Racer and Steve McQueen's replica Triumph TR6 SS.

11. Henry Truglio's TV Costume Collection

Season four, episode 18

This moment came from Henry Truglio's collection of TV costumes and memorabilia.

You may remember this episode for Truglio's incredible collection, which was bursting at the seams with dozens of stylish pieces.

This piece was a vintage, rarely seen, Facts of Life jacket, which was given to the cast and crew from The Facts of Life to commemorate the 200th episode.

However, at the time of the filming, Lisa had not remembered this rare piece. This jacket is worth around $700, a price we'd pay just to see Lisa in it! 

12. Lisa Whelchel tries on Cher's Earrings

Season four, episode 24

This Cher collection had just enough Cher items to impress just about anyone — especially if you're Cher! 

Collector Robyn Fisher had never worn the Cher earrings included in her collection, but Lisa Whelchel did!

Robyn even remembered the time she saw Cher wearing them at her concert. Once Lisa put on the earrings, she truly became Cher.

Other highlights in Robyn's episode included: The Witches of Eastwick costume, Sonny Bono's suit, Love Hurts Tour coat and much more!

13. Joe Demelio's Queen Collection and a Cheers to Our Queen, Lisa Whelchel

Season four, episode 26

Cheers to the end of the season! During our final episode of the season we met collector and king of all things Queen, Joe Demelio. 

We took a look at his rockin' collection of Queen memorabilia which featured: A signed RIAA Award for "Innuendo," Brian May's replica guitar, the American Music Award for "Another One Bites the Dust" and much more.

Cheers to our Queen for another great season of Collector's Call. See you soon! 

What was your favorite collection featured in season four? Leave a comment below.

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The1Butler 4 months ago
Season 4 episode 16 ! Biker Blair ! Great show that needs to move to primetime sunday .
MichaelVegas 4 months ago
I still think she is STILL cute as hell
Rob MichaelVegas 3 months ago
I agree.
ArchieB 5 months ago
I watched a couple of them in the last week saved on my TiVo. I still have 45 more saved to watch from the last couple years. I really like the show but have been busy.
Metvbest 5 months ago
All the episodes of Collectors Call are awesome and educational, but my best was episode 5 with all the different pinball machines, and the pinball wizard jacket. Lisa Whelchel is perfect commentator for this show, she rocks
tootsieg 5 months ago
Fun show with many good episodes. Would be nice if shows from the previous seasons were run again.
daDoctah 5 months ago
There's probably copyright reasons she can't do it, but I'd love to see her encounter a collector with mementos from when Lisa was one of the Mouseketeers.
Moonpie 5 months ago
Love this show! needs to be at least an hour so we can see more items. And please run them again for those of us that missed some episodes!
Runeshaper 5 months ago
Lisa Whelchel is definitely lucky to have met all of these great people and to have shared these experiences with them (-:
Bapa1 5 months ago
I like Collectors Call. Missed The Monkees episode, hope you show it again.
LoveMETV22 5 months ago
Enjoy " Collectors Call" a show that has a unique connection to MeTV. If the seasons is coming to a close (that was quick), hopefully next season is in the works. It would be interesting to see the earliest seasons re- aired in the time -slot, in place of doubling up Andy Griffith, or air something new in that half hour.
Pacificsun 5 months ago
An original and hard working Series, to research and surface those Collectors for fair trades. They're normally very busy networking among themselves. So taking time out for the Show, was notable.

On the occasion ... wish you'd rerun Biederman's collection.
MrsPhilHarris 5 months ago
I doubt I could beat Lisa at any game. It has been a long, long time since I played anything.
Deleted 5 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Pacificsun 5 months ago
To me the earlier or earliest Shows were more unique, and therefore interesting. After a while, toys are toys. And monsters the same. But grateful for the effort.
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