10 times 'The Brady Bunch' was all about Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

Admit it, you had a crush on Maureen McCormick growing up.

The Brady Bunch created some pretty memorable moments over the course of five seasons. Who could forget Peter knocking over Carol's favorite vase, or Jan donning a wig to make herself stand out at a party?

We can't help but fondly remember all those classic scenes, but one character stands out as having some of the best — Marcia. She had her nose busted, stood up for herself more than a couple times, and had more dates to school dances than most of us could even imagine.

These moments wouldn't be possible without the skilled acting of Maureen McCormick, who expertly made us believe Marcia was like every other teenager. Okay, maybe a little more perfect than the average teenager. 

We're looking at some of her character's biggest moments on the show. Sure, The Brady Bunch had an ensemble cast, but let's be honest, it was all about Marcia Brady. 

1. "The Subject Was Noses"


This is the quintessential Marcia episode. Not only does McCormick's character have her most infamous moment on the show, getting a football thrown at her face, but she also learns a valuable lesson. It's not about what's on the outside that matters, but rather what's on the inside. 

2. "The Liberation of Marcia Brady"


Don't think girls can do everything boys can? Just let Marcia prove you wrong in this classic season two episode, when she joins the Frontier Scouts to prove that girls are just as capable as boys. 

3. "Her Sister's Shadow"


Sure, this classic season three show was supposed to be all about Jan. But it really turned into an episode about how great Marcia was at life. Jan said it best herself, "all I hear all day long at school is how great Marcia is at this or how wonderful Marcia did that. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" 

4. "Love and the Older Man"


Marcia thinks her dentist asked her out on a date, and she's thrilled to capture the attention of an older man. She's thrilled, that is, until she finds out he's married (!!!) and has a kid. This season four episode shows Marcia's true character when she sticks to her morals and rejects the date. 

5. "The Possible Dream"


No one was able to bring the guest stars to The Brady Bunch like Marcia could. In season one, teen heartthrob Desi Arnaz, Jr., paid a visit to the show, fulfilling the dream of Marcia and every teenage girl across the country. 

6. "Getting Davy Jones"


Desi Arnaz, Jr., was pretty cool, but who could forget this season three episode when Marcia campaigns to get Davy-freaking-Jones to appear at a school dance?!

7. "Brace Yourself"


Almost every teenager has to get braces at some point in their life, and Marcia was no exception. In this season one episode, not only does she have to deal with a new mouth full of metal, but also the fact that her date backed out because his family is going out of town. (By the way, how many school dances do you think Marcia attended?)

8. "Father of the Year"


Marcia breaks the rules to make sure her new stepdad earns the "Father of the Year" award. This early season one episode is a tearjerker, and remained one of creator Sherwood Schwartz's favorite episodes. 

9. "My Sister, Benedict Arnold"


In this season three episode, Marcia proves she has a mind of her own when she decides to go on a date with Greg's biggest rival, Warren Mullaney. Perhaps it's a bit of teenage rebellion? All this happens while the kids construct a dunk tank for the school carnival, which Alice thoroughly enjoys.  

10. "Quarterback Sneak"


Marcia learns the hard way in this season five episode that not every boy has good intentions. We all felt her pain when she found out her date from a rival school was using her to get Greg's playbook for the upcoming football game. 

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