You can actually buy Bill Gillespie's big white house from In the Heat of the Night

Get out of Archie's chair and into Bill Gillespie's house.


When Carroll O'Connor's Bill Gillespie gets voted out as the chief of the Sparta Police Department on In the Heat of the Night, it means big changes for the character. Not only will he soon get a new post as a neighboring sheriff, but he also buys a great big new house to live in. "It's time to move on," he tells the councilwoman Harriet DeLong when she meets him in front of a for sale sign.

Quickly, he reveals he's bought the house, singing out those words every new home buyer loves to hear, "My offer was accepted just an hour ago." Then comes the biggest change of all for the former police chief when he drops a hint that he wants the house just the way she likes it, essentially asking her to move in, too.

Fans know that by the series end, they'd tie the knot and remain in the happy home, and superfans who took the time to look into it might also know that the TV home wasn't just a studio prop, but an actual house standing not in Mississippi, but Georgia, where much of In the Heat of the Night is shot. In fact, if you drive up to 2130 Monticello Cove in Covington, Georgia, you'll find Gillespie's house still stands and just as it did the day he bought it, it's got a "for sale" sign on the lawn!

Yes, it seems you can step into the TV sheriff's house and even call it your own, if you've got the $460,000 asking price for the 5-bedroom beauty that's been renovated since it sold to O'Connor's character in 1993. You wouldn't even have to let people know about the piece of TV history you've claimed, either, because the house still boasts a starred marker that proudly boasts for you: "Carroll O'Connor 'Chief Gillespie' In the Heat of the Night 1988-1994." See photos inside the famous film location here.

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