Who is the little old lady with the hat sitting in dozens of Perry Mason trials?

Here is a deep mystery that even Paul Drake can't solve.

David Cope of Raleigh, North Carolina, wrote to us and asked a fascinating question. "I love watching Perry Mason every morning and have noticed this past year and a half," he wrote, "There is the same older woman who sits among the courtroom spectators, almost always in the back row."

Indeed! That is her in the image above, sitting in the back row on the defendant's side in "The Case of the Grumbling Grandfather." In that mystery, the Little Old Lady in a Hat (as fans call her) parks next to Frances Rafferty, who plays witness Sue Franks in the trial. 

According to the invaluable fan hub, the Perry Mason TV Show Wiki, the Little Old Lady in a Hat pops up in more than 100 episodes. Here she is in "The Case of the Watery Witness."

Now that you have a good look at her, keep your eyes peeled for this avid legal spectator.

Unfortunately, as far as her identity goes, that remains a mystery! We could use Paul Drake on the case. A thread on the TCM forum also failed to turn up an answer.

She is one of many regulars who populate the Los Angeles courtroom. Don Anderson appears in many episodes — often in multiple roles. There is the uncredited "Pencil Mustache Man." There's Flower Parry, erstwhile wife of Jackie Coogan, not to mention Edwin RochelleMitchell Rhein and William H. O'Brien. We could go on. And, yes, the Little Old Lady remains shrouded in mystery and covered in a hat.

David Cope wondered, "If she was a relative of one of the crew, cast or writers." Others have speculated just that. Keep your eyes peeled for her when you watch.

We like to imagine she is the wife of Mr. Schwamp.

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Jmullen 8 months ago
She is definitely Eva Pearson. Google lens search helped me find her.
dude_in_a_ferrari 25 months ago
This little old lady in a hat has to be none other than Agnes Mason who played in many western TV shows in her younger days. In the TV westerns, she usually played a rancher's wife with children or sold food grub & other necessary items for cowboys in a general store. She was awesome.
Alton2 26 months ago
The lady in question I believe is Hallene Hill. That is based on me recently viewing an old episode of Abbott and Costello Show season 1 episode 23 titled The Little Old Lady, in which she was the featured actress. According to IMDb for that episode, that was the name listed for her.
GailMelting 35 months ago
Her name is Eva Pearson according to the author of "The Perry Mason Book", Jim Davison.
obectionoverruled 41 months ago
We are Spectrum cable subscribers from St. Louis who winter in Florida. Our package allows for streaming but for some reason MeTV does not activate when selected in the streaming menu. Any suggestions, anyone? Buehler, Buehler?

On another related topic, refer to Perrymasonseries website before and during the shows. Their are numerous PM aficionados who have posted up a storm about each episode and many of the comments, summaries and recaps are very insightful!
SER1957 42 months ago
Good morning. I am still convinced that the old lady with the hat is Gail Patrick Jackson.
BevTaff 42 months ago
How can I stream METV on the website.
ThadT 42 months ago
I pulled that picture off the cast and crew off the Perry Mason show
ThadT 42 months ago
Lillian Bronson
Little old lady with the hat
Olivia_Reed ThadT 42 months ago
The little old lady with the hat is older than Lillan Bronson. Look at her eyes. The old lady's eyes are deeper-set and her nose curves downward. Good resemblance, but not Lillian.
Olivia_Reed ThadT 42 months ago
Also, Lillian Bronson had more delicate facial features--not such a broad jaw and chin. She always had mischief in her eyes. Here is a photo of young Lillian:
DethBiz Olivia_Reed 29 months ago
I agree with you. No way that was Lillian. Lillian was a judge anyways on at least one Perry Mason episode and a nanny/maid in another.
wcbeav 42 months ago
Along the same lines, there is a woman who works in The Long Branch on Gunsmoke that is on at least 50 of the early black and white episodes, over a number of years. I’ve always figured there was a story as to why she was in so many episodes and prominent is so many shots.
texasluva wcbeav 42 months ago
Could it be Michelle Breeze (1942–2016). She played in 44 episodes on Gunsmoke. I am doing more checking.
GaryHere 42 months ago
Can I get this on Roku?
texasluva GaryHere 42 months ago
All you do is copy and paste into browser. It plays on your computer, tablet, phone and if you have chromecast it will play right to your tv. Also cast media with air play.
Pacificsun GaryHere 42 months ago
For watchers with a Roku enabled Smart TV and just a basic Xfinity account, it is a free instant-on App, which can be shared across other mobile devices. The TV is portable. And obviously offers a bunch of other Apps, some for subscription. I've heard it is compatible with Spectrum as well.
texasluva 42 months ago
Okay since we have a participant that tracked down that movie. Kudos to GaryHere. So as promised you will get to see The Three Faces of Eve. Joanne Woodward one Academy award for her effort. The movie came out in 1957. John Wayne handed the award to her.

The Three Faces of Eve (1957) 1h 31min Drama, Mystery
Joanne Woodward-Eve White / Eve Black / Jane
Lee J. Cobb
David Wayne
Video quality- great.

texasluva 42 months ago
Folks we have a winner. GaryHere done laid down the hammer and guessed The Three Faces of Eve. How I do not know. I was going to leave more clues as in :
1. John Wayne handed it to an actor
2. This is a true story
Answer to the actor that played in along running TV series was none other then Lee J. Cobb.
Joanne Woodward won Academy Award for her part.
Nancy Kulp was the one whom played in The Beverly Hillbillies -Twilight Zone and this movie. Also a note. She married Paul Newman in January 1958 and awards were in March 1958. There are videos showing who got awards and who handed them out plus the many hosts. Again good job GaryHere
ELEANOR 42 months ago
We all know who that little old lady is. She's a grandmother who needs to earn a little pin money -- maybe to help her grandchildren and what better way than to play the role of lady in the courtroom gallery in TV drama.
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