Watch the first new Bugs Bunny cartoon from the Looney Tunes reboot

You could say it's "dynamite."

Warner Bros.

The very first time we met Bugs Bunny, it was in Porky's Hare Hunt in 1938. It was so early in Merrie Melodies' legacy that Elmer Fudd hadn't even been completely conceived, not officially appearing by that name and with his signature speech impediment until 1940. That's why we see Porky playing the hunter role in this early cartoon, and undoubtedly, it's this early piece of Looney Tunes history that the brand new Looney Tunes reboot is pointing to in its first animated short released: "Dynamite Dance." Watch it in full below:

"Dynamite Dance" finds Bugs evading Elmer Fudd's scythe by bombarding the hunter with dynamite. It sees Bugs planting crafty diversions in his rabbithole, doing a backswim across a puddle and feeding Fudd an entire birthday cake dotted with questionable candles. It's fast, fun and revives all the slapstick the original cartoons were so cherished for.

Our only minor complaint watching the short has to do with the updated Fudd, who looks a little more like Baby Herman from Roger Rabbit shorts or Who Framed Roger Rabbit than the most recognizable versions of Fudd you'd remember from the 1950s.

Buena Vista Pictures

However, if you look back at early drawings of Elmer Fudd, you'll see the hunter had a bright red nose and a more boyish face that this new Fudd is likely referencing. 

Warner Bros. Pictures/The Vitaphone Corporation

What do you think of this first short? Are you excited to see more? Tell us in the comments!

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jeeplinc 43 months ago
I'd like to see MeTV alternate Flintstones with the Jetsons, Jonny Quest, Space Ghost to
give a variety
GordARebelato 44 months ago
The new cartoons do not come close to the old classic Warner Brothers cartoons.
JoanieN 44 months ago
I absolutely LOVE IT!! I have a collection of old cartoons from the 20's and 30's and they keep me laughing so hard all day. I think a lot of people don't know the history of cartoons that was meant for adults during a break at the movies before T.V..
HaroldFisher 44 months ago
Meh.........would rather see re-runs of the originals.
rickeeracer 58 months ago
I would like to see more bugs bunny and more toons like it from the '60's and '70's like them on Saturday mornings so I could enjoy them with my grandchildren.
Whonnock 61 months ago
This cartoon was okay, but sometimes less is more. The old cartoons had great visual gags, but this one relies on the mantra that if it's funny once, it's going to be funny a hundred times. I got spoiled watching the old cartoons. If you compare Duck Season to this one, yeas the gag was repeated but in much more cleaver ways, and not quite so many in such a short time.
RichWalker 61 months ago
Miss Mel Blanc - "what's up, Doc?"
Joe 61 months ago
I think all involved did an AMAZING job going back and capturing the 2D illustration and animation style of the original, even replicating the fonts used in the opening and closing credits. Where as in the the past few decades, the recreations were adding 3D contouring and it looked absolutely horrible. I'm looking forward to seeing more of these!
UTZAAKE 61 months ago
FT: Bugs Bunny 14 - 0 Elmer Fudd.
RichardAbercrombie 61 months ago
I grew up with the old cartoons as well and believe they can never be replaced. The re-vamped versions over the past several years were constantly trying to bring looney toons into the modern age by switching up the format that made them funny in the first place. That being said I really enjoyed dynamite dance. It is the closest to reminding me of the older cartoons than any other I've seen. WB needs to stay this path.
stephaniestavropoulos 61 months ago
As the saying goes: If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
KevinSnyder 61 months ago
Sorry but that`s like trying to re-paint the Mona Lisa. I grew up watching bugs every Saturday morning. Those cartoons will live on forever. They should`nt be re-made.
Jeremy 61 months ago
Poor Elmer! He never got a break...only a BOOM!
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