Watch I Love Lucy on the big screen when these 5 episodes come to theaters this summer

Celebrate Lucy's birthday at the cinema!

We've all seen "Lucy Does a TV Commercial," but now you can see Lucy do a movie, when five unedited episodes will screen at AMC theaters this August for one day only.

The one-time movie event has been planned by CBS to celebrate Lucille Ball's birthday on August 6 and it includes classic episodes like "Job Switching" and "Lucy Does a TV Commercial," as well as three other Lucy gems: "L.A. at Last!," "The Million Dollar Idea" and "Pioneer Women." All these episodes will be colorized and screen uncut to gift us with full-length laughs Lucy Ricardo style.

Although we're fans of the original black and white episodes, it's always intriguing to see the scenery in newly colorized episodes like "L.A. at Last!" (which finds Lucy outdoors more instead of being cooped up in her apartment). No doubt it will be extra fun to see the dazzling affair on the big screen, and you can find all the info you need to secure a seat for yourself here.

Which episode of I Love Lucy would you want to see on the big screen? Tell us in the comments!

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Lantern 61 months ago
I'm a die-hard I Love Lucy fan and have all the episodes on CD (previously had all the VHS tapes), but I don't care to see them colorized, so I won't be going.
cperrynaples 61 months ago
None of these, Lucy was always meant for the small screen! Fun Fact: Lucy and Desi were going to do a movie compulation in 1953, but MGM said no because they were committed to "The Long Long Trailer"! This "movie" can be seen on DVD!!
Pacificsun cperrynaples 61 months ago
I agree. That sitcom (using the 3 cam technique) was done so well for small screen. And for TV transmission that wasn't even very technical in the day. It was so character and trope driven, that who needs to see it in movie screen detail? In fact I think the colorization will be too distracting, because they toned the sets in extreme colors to meet the contrast requirements needed for black & white television.
stephaniestavropoulos 61 months ago
My sister was such a fan of ILL. I wish I knew for sure whether she knew this or not, but when she got married, it was on Lucy's birthday! {1982.} This year would have been her and my brother-in-law's 37th anniversary. Not knowing for sure, I still would like to think that she did. Then again, I don't think things like that really mattered to her. {About celebrities.}
I have all 3 of Lucy's series, I walk by them everyday, {they and Dick Van Dyke are in a separate collapsible box from my other dvds} Its nice to know that they, and the other shows I have are there whenever the urge strikes me to see them.
Becky, I miss and love you. When next I view ILL, I will think of you.
I still have some ILL VHS tapes at our cabin.
I would definitely like to see L.A. At Last just to see Desi Arnaz's and William Holden's reactions on a big screen.
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