Warner Bros. and Walgreens team up for a Wonder Woman makeup line

Feel like a superhero, or at least Diana Prince, with Paradise Eye-land Eyeshadow.

You don't have to be Amazonian to look like a goddess. As reported on Batman News, Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment have launched a new line of beauty products based on Wonder Woman. The line of cosmetics and accessories are available exclusively in Walgreens stores and online at Walgreens.com

Those who strive for that Lynda Carter look can purchase Wonder Woman Warrior Lip Gloss and red Goddess Lips lipstick. The clutch, branded with the sweet double-W logo of the hero, even has a little cape attached to the back.

According to the press release, other items include Strawberry Empower-Mint Lip Balm, Paradise Eye-land Eyeshadow and An Eye For Justice Eyeliner, as well as makeup brushes, bronzer and more. Thankfully, the products come in the bright colors of the original comics and television series, not the muted palette of the modern cinematic universe.

Now all they need to do is come up with a way to look fabulous by merely spinning around.

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