Tim O'Connor found true love at 50, three doors down the road

The TV actor appeared on M*A*S*H shortly after marrying his neighbor Sheila.

Tim O’Connor is an actor likely best known to classic TV audiences for playing Dr. Elias Huer on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

Between 1979 to 1980, O’Connor played the leader of the Earth Defense Directorate, but long before O’Connor stepped into that role, he spent decades as a character actor following early appearances on Fifties shows like I Spy.

In the Sixties, he featured on dramatic hits like The Twilight Zone and The Fugitive, after rising to fame playing Elliot Carson on Peyton Place across hundreds of episodes.

During this first half of his acting career, he was married to an actor named Mary Foskett from 1957 until their divorce in 1974.

After that, he settled into bachelor life, seeming to take more chances and going for a wider array of roles on some of the biggest Seventies shows like All in the Family, Columbo and M*A*S*H, before Buck Rogers came calling.

Settling into a routine, O’Connor bought his own house and would go jogging in the neighborhood. That’s how he came to meet his second wife and soulmate Sheila Maclurg, who he said lived just three houses down.

In 1980, the year Buck Rogers ended, they got married and made the decision to move into Sheila’s place, because her home was much bigger than his bachelor pad.

"We spent a lot of time sorting out our furniture and the junk people accumulate over the years," O’Connor told The Pittsburgh Press in 1980. "I’d been in my house for six years and Sheila had lived in hers even longer."

While O’Connor was moving in with his neighbor and finishing up filming on Buck Rogers, he took his second role on M*A*S*H.

In an episode called "Operation Friendship," you can watch the actor operate on B.J. Hunnicutt in 1981.

Much like Hunnicutt, O’Connor loved riding motorcycles, and he and Sheila spent their honeymoon years riding dirt bikes and taking road trips.

They fell deeply in love after meeting as neighbors, and O’Connor continued taking guest roles through the rest of his acting career, because he enjoyed how the shorter film schedule allowed him more time with Sheila.

In 2018, he passed away in the home they shared in California.

O’Connor was happy he decided to tie the knot again.

"I had enough of being a bachelor," he said. "I was beginning to get accustomed to living alone and that wasn’t good. I like being married."

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TinaMarieHaddadRhodes 24 months ago
I am glad he found love the second time around and I have always enjoyed Tim O’Connor as and actor, especially as Dr Huer on Buck Rogers. Wish he would of stayed playing Dr Huer.
JimmyD 25 months ago
I wouldn't have pegged him as a motorcycle rider, but that happens when you only know a person from his acting roles.
CecilMJames1 25 months ago
Tim O Connor was an amazing actor he reprised the role of Elliot Carson twice in two reunion movies Murder in Peyton Place 1977 and Peyton Place the Next Generation 1985 a son Timothy O Connor Jr survives him.
LynCarceo 25 months ago
One of my favorite character actors, Dr Huer on "Buck Rogers", Andros on "Wonder Woman" (Why did they replace him?).
Jon 25 months ago
I saw part of his Season 9 MASH appearance last night. He played rather nasty characters both times on the show, and on ALL IN THE FAMILY he played a character warm on Edith at a family wedding (w/o Archie) who caused her to pretend to take a phone call to get rid of him.
Barry22 25 months ago
RIP. I Spy was in the 60's, not the 50's.
LoveMETV22 Barry22 25 months ago
I Spy - The Bridge - Jun 11, 1956 - Tim O'Connor as Don

Mike Barry22 25 months ago
This particular I SPY was an early syndicted anthology series, with Raymond Massey as "Anton the Spymaster"; it appears to be completely lost (them's the breaks ...).
Mike Mike 25 months ago
The Raymond Massey I SPY series (Or at least a few episodes of it) can now be found at YouTube.
CaptainDunsel 25 months ago
One of the great, busy character actors. I just never thought he looked like a "Tim". You'd expect an actor who always brought such seriousness to his roles to carry a name with more gravitas, like "Thomas" or "Bartholomew" or "Worthington" or something.
MrsPhilHarris 25 months ago
He had one of those faces. I looked up his career and he was on lots of shows.
Michael 25 months ago
He was Andros on Wonder Woman, among his many roles.
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