This USO girl on M*A*S*H wrote Bette Midler's smash hit ''The Rose''

Some say love, it is appearing on M*A*S*H the same year your song tops Billboard charts.

Atlantic Records

In 1981, a very sentimental, straightforward song shot to the top of the charts on the power of Bette Midler's soulful delivery.

"The Rose" struck a chord with a sparse but somber piano track and poetic lyrics like "Some say love, it is a river" and "Some say love, it is a razor."

It's very likely you know the song because it sold over half a million copies and dominated pop charts, as well as becoming a top Adult Contemporary track. What's less likely is that you know the woman who wrote the song, Amanda McBroom.

But if you're a M*A*S*H fan, you likely remember her because she once memorably played piano accordion and piano on the show!

Also in 1981, the 10th season of M*A*S*H premiered with an episode called "That's Show Biz." It showed a traveling U.S.O. show that stops off at the camp, only to have their star suddenly need emergency surgery.

McBroom does not play the star Brandy, but the red-headed musician Ellie Carlyle, who performs various songs in the episode, including a lively polka and one of Beethoven's sonatas.

"I was the one with the wiggle-waggles and the really ugly blue dress," McBroom once said, describing her appearance on M*A*S*H in an interview with Talkin' Broadway.

This was not McBroom's first time on TV. She'd been acting in bit parts since 1973, appearing on Gunsmoke, Hawaii Five-O (she was HPD officer Sandi Wells in a handful of episodes), Charlie's Angels, Taxi, and more. She also provided voices for the cartoon show The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang.

She was a busy lady as an actor, but she found time for singing and songwriting, too.

Appearing on Broadway and penning more songs for movies, McBroom proved she's a versatile talent, and she's still making songs today.

Back in 1981, though, it turned out she didn't need very long to come up with one of Bette Midler's biggest hits.

The story goes that McBroom was trying to secure a record deal and her manager thought if she wrote a song in the style of Bob Seger that she'd be a shoe-in. Begrudgingly, she wrote "The Rose" in 45 minutes.

McBroom felt that "The Rose" was simple and could use some embellishment, but Midler proved the song needed nothing but her special warble. Midler's powerful rendition beat out Barbra Streisand's "Woman in Love" to win the Grammy for Pop Female Vocal Performance in 1981.

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musicman37 12 months ago
When will MeTV finish their research before printing these articles? Not only did they get the year wrong, but the song sold over A MILLION copies for its Gold record. The RIAA lowered its criteria for gold to half a million in 1989, now a million would get platinum.
Stephen79 40 months ago
I was first a fan of Amanda from her recordings, and then noticed her work on TV later on. As a audio store salesman, I had a large selection of music in which to demo our equipment, and some music would grow tiresome after repeated uses. But, Amanda is one of those that I never grew tired of hearing. Many a customer purchased her CD "Dreaming" after listening to her in my store. This CD contains the 2nd version of "The Rose", which was redone in a manner similar to Midler's arrangement . There are many great songs on "Dreaming". From the title song, to "Ship in a bottle" and "From Time to Time" to name a few. Check out "Dreaming" . It's a keeper ...
Wiseguy 40 months ago
Although opening the tenth season, the two episodes were actually the 19th and 20th episodes produced for the ninth season. The following two aired episodes in the tenth season, "Identity Crisis" (23rd) and "Rumor at the Top" (24th) were also held over from the ninth season.
MaryMitch 40 months ago
Miss McBroom was also in one of my favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes: "The Measure of a Man". She was the lawyer that was charged with judging whether Data was considered property or a sentient being.
AnnaRentzVandenhazel 40 months ago
This episode aired just yesterday (both parts), but even if that wasn't the case, I already know it was not Brandy who needed emergency surgery, it was Marina.
Mike 40 months ago
Amanda McBroom was the daughter of a Universal contract actor, who was known professionally as David Bruce.

Note to Svengoolie: look in the vaults for a Universal horror flick called The Mad Ghoul, which I believe you've shown in the past.
David Bruce plays the title character in this one; maybe, when Sven updates the broadcast, he can mention the Amanda McBroom connection.
Might be kinda fun ...
srrainwater 40 months ago
Love trivia knowledge❤️ Unfortunately I won’t use my powers for good, but to beat my wife in quizzes
OldTVfanatic 40 months ago
Actually, The Rose came out in 1979 and hit No. 1 in February 1980.
WordsmithWorks 40 months ago
The USO troupe was not planning to stop at the 4077th. One of its players, Marina, gets appendicitis while en route to another unnamed stop and is airlifted to Hawkeye and company. Another note of interest is the role of stripper Brandi Doyle was played by Tony winner / Broadway legend Gwen Verdon, wife of Bob Fosse. Excellent M*A*S*H* two-parter.
harlow1313 40 months ago
I am not much of a Midler fan, but I did get a bang out of her cover of "The Boogie-woogie Bugle Boy From Company B."

That swinging platter made me beep, and bop, and blow my top...
It was good, but not as good as the original done by the Andrew Sisters. For those that don't know BWBB is a song from the 1941 Abbott & Costello movie "Buck Privates, " which the Andrew Sisters also appeared .
I have that movie and Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein in Blue-Ray. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy rocks. In fact I put the ACMF on here for watching awhile back. Which gives me an idea if I can find "Buck Privates" on the net I will post here tomorrow. Maybe even do a Andrew Sisters post in the future.
You mean do it for you Friday quiz?!?! {I ask, scratching my head thinking "Why?"} By telling me, you've told others. It's not like you have my personal email and I'm the only one that knows. Or do you have another scheme up that longhorn sleeve of yours? You sly devil!
Another bit of useless info. about me: I have all of A &C's movies in their Paramount Collection. Haven't watched them in a looooog time. They aren't blu-ray just regular dvds. Which to me, even though a part would like to invest in br, I'm not so much of a purist of what I get that it has to be that. As long as I am able to buy whichever movie/tv show I want, I'm happy with the "original" dvds. I have what I have, and I'm thankful/grateful for that!
LOL. Heavens no. Just put it under the quiz as a bonus. Though now searching high and low the only copy I can find on the world wide web is in Portuguese and that ain't happening. To think a 1941 movie and still won't let out to the public, yet. Yep you would be the only person whom knows except those that take a peek at this, ha ha . Though I'm not one to give up on my search. I do have enough movies for quizzes for a decade at least. I'm sly and close to a devil to be sure. Now If I gave you the quiz answer and MeTV posters found out. It would be like the town hunt for Frankenstein with hoes, clubs and brooms on fire. Lips sealed
texasluva 40 months ago
I remember watching her in Ruthless People (hilarious) among other movies and music.
Andybandit 40 months ago
Nice story, I like watching Mash.
Rob Andybandit 40 months ago
Me too.
Moody 40 months ago
The Divine Miss M
Easy peazy T/F question: The "Divine Miss M," hails from the same state as the 44th president?
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