This new Dick Van Dyke Christmas song wants to make it so you can't stop smiling

Watch the video now to see Dick Van Dyke play trombone and perform signature dance moves.

Christmas comes early for Dick Van Dyke fans, thanks to this new Christmas song from one of TV's top icons. Released earlier this year, it's a duet called "We're Going Caroling" and it finds the veteran actor paired up with actress Jane Lynch (Glee). Watch the video below for a burst of season's greetings to get you stoked for the upcoming holiday.

As the chimney sweep Bert on Mary Poppins (1964), we got used to seeing Van Dyke clackety-clacking up on the rooftop, so it's fun to see him dancing it up to a song that other rooftop dude Santa would approve of. But anybody who loved The Dick Van Dyke Show knows the TV star actually suited up for a special Christmas episode the year before Bert chim-chiminey-ed into our hearts. In 1963, The Dick Van Dyke Show aired "Alan Brady Presents," where Van Dyke has a memorable duet with his costar Mary Tyler Moore. Watch the full episode below for a double dose of Christmas cheer via Van Dyke.

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