There was a little bit of jealousy between Andy Griffith and Don Knotts

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In the third season of The Andy Griffith Show, Opie copes with mounting jealousy as Andy’s new girlfriend starts to take up more and more of his dad’s time.

In "Opie’s Rival," audiences were treated to one of those classic episodes that established Sheriff Andy as the sort of father who could help his son navigate emotional ups and downs.

In 2003, Griffith told The Courier-Journal that what made The Andy Griffith Show so successful was Andy being a good listener.

"He let Opie figure things out for himself," Griffith said.

The next year, in 2004, Griffith felt the tug of nostalgia and decided to move back to Toluca Lake, the place he called home while he was filming The Andy Griffith Show.

Buying a $2.4 million home, his relocation put him back in the orbit of his old costar Don Knotts, and according to Andy and Don: The Making of a Friendship and a Classic TV Show, for the first time in the old friends’ lives, Knotts had to learn to cope with his own jealousy as thick as Opie’s, over how much his wife Francey delighted in Griffith’s jokes.

She thought Griffith was so funny.

The story goes that Griffith and Knotts would take their wives out for dinner, and Andy would always tell jokes that cracked Francey up.

"That would make Don jealous," Daniel de Visé writes in the book, recounting how one night, Francey commented on Andy’s hilarious jokes at supper one time too much.

"I’m the funny one!" Knotts insisted.

This flash of jealousy was rare between Knotts and Griffith, who supported each other throughout their careers.

In his book, de Visé writes that Don’s jealousy over which one of them was funnier mirrored a tension between the actors that arose when Knotts won five Emmys for The Andy Griffith Show and Andy got none.

Whether Griffith felt jealous or not, he intentionally set Andy up to be the straight man, and that left Knotts to put on a show to draw all the laughs.

As a duo, Griffith brought out the best in Knotts, and every Emmy that Don won owed at least a small debt to that dynamic.

We know whatever small jealousies might have arisen; it didn’t affect their friendship.

On these nights while Francey was delighting in Griffith’s humor, Andy couldn’t help himself declaring how much he found her husband, his old pal Don’s company the greatest delight.

"Oh, I love Don," Andy would tell Francey. "I love him so much."

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Grizz 28 months ago
Can someone please tell me why in the color episodes they use so much eye makeup on Andy.🤨
Grizz 28 months ago
Once Andy dropped the "No time for Sgts" character he wasn't as funny the big country boy charm and laugh is what made Andy and Barney so funny.
Grizz 28 months ago
They were funny together very funny... But I think Don Knott's is and or was the funny one
19611313 30 months ago
My favorite character was Ernest T. Bass. I loved those episodes. Especially the scene where he was to receive his Army physical.
bagandwallyfan52 30 months ago
I wonder why Joanna Moore played Peggy MacMillan in 4
Episodes only of The Andy Griffith Show?
Tatum O Neal was born in 1963
And Joanna Moore left TAGS
After only 4 episodes only in
1962. I wonder if Joanna Moore
Left The Andy Griffith Show in
1962 because she was going to
Have a baby (Tatum O Neal).
Nala92129 31 months ago
Everybody loved Barney, but if the truth be told, he could get to be a bit tiresome. Too frenetic, hovering over people, putting his hands on their bodies. Andy let Barney be the comical one, while he was the deep thinker, the "rescuer," Superman.
Lainey Nala92129 30 months ago
You can't take Barney too seriously - - he is who he is!!!!!! Love him!!!!
LoveMETV22 31 months ago
TAGS is a great show, but week nights are sufficient. To bad they didn't put something new in the time slot that Columbo left open, oh well maybe they'll make a change in the future.
Moody LoveMETV22 30 months ago
I agree, their choice of replacement shows for Columbo is baffling. They have other detective shows from that era already but they're buried in the late night time slot. Why not bring one or two of those into Sunday night? People here have been asking for something like that for some time now but they don't seem to care. Hopefully, this is a temporary change & they will "fix" it soon.
LoveMETV22 Moody 30 months ago
It's funny too the commercial they had something along the lines of Sunday dinner or Sunday Family night, promoting yet another new Sunday night line-up. The other detective shows are all on in overnight hours (as you said.) Their coveted Monk series is all alone now on Sunday nights now and doesen't fit.
One can only guess if this is a temporary change- Someone there (at MeTV) I would hope be thinking along those lines. Who knows? It will be interesting to see.
Deleted 31 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Nala92129 31 months ago
Andy Griffith was a great, very underestimated actor. He was amazing as Ash Robinson, in "Murder in Texas."
MaryHelen 31 months ago
of course don was the funnier one-- that's how it was written for the show and even later, when he appeared with andy on matlock or as the landlord on three's company-- don IS the comedian he's supposed to be funny (er)
TZ_TAGS_59NC 31 months ago
I always thought Andy was, or could be, a jealous person which carried over in some scenes on AGS. Its no secret that Don Knotts was made for comedy and Andy wasnt. Even in the Matlock series he came across as a difficult actor to please and pushed his weight around. Without Don/Barney and incredible screen writers and crew, AGS and Andy would of been canceled after a couple of seasons.
TZ_TAGS_59NC 31 months ago
This comment has been removed.
VanHalen 31 months ago
With Don getting all the Emmys makes this no 'surprise story.'
When "Andy" started doing commercials about Oboingo-care
and how great it WAS, I lost ALL respect for that clown. When
Holyweed types tip their political hand it is very unwise.
Greg 31 months ago
It's no surprise to me it's difficult for actors to get along. They're in competition for roles then they're in competition for dialog, scenes, and screen time. The trick of many actors to turn actresses backs to the camera when kissing is just one of the ways they get more screen time.
JeffSchafer 31 months ago
"what made The Andy Griffith Show so successful was Andy being a good listener." NOT!!!
Go back & see all of the times he jumped to conclusion (& ALWAYS wrong) when he scolded & punished Opie without having any of the facts.

And, all of the times he did the "do as I say, not as I do" routine to Opie (& as always, wrong & being a hypocrite).

But, unlike other shows, he did admit he was wrong, eventually before the end of the show.

He never learned, though. You can still see him jump to the wrong conclusion without ANY Facts, scolding Opie in the later color episodes.
JeffSchafer 31 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Nala92129 Tbatman66 31 months ago
Did you not see the "Opie, the Birdman" episode. I thought Sheriff Taylor was an excellent father.
Cowgirl 31 months ago
They were such good friends, it is my understanding that Andy insisted on Don being in Matlock.
Pacificsun 31 months ago
I think the difference is (as we've read here before) is that Don Knotts had to work on his timing. He didn't have the fundamental confidence of Andy Griffith, so I think Don Knotts earned those Emmys. Andy had a lot of talent for other things. He sure knew what he was doing with the Show itself, good sense about characters and writing. He seemed to be playing himself all the time. And we can only hope that Don Knotts was a regular person in his off time.
LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 31 months ago
Hope you had a nice holiday.
Pacificsun LoveMETV22 31 months ago
Thank you! Hope you did too!

Got busy with media deadlines, a problematic car, then packing it to take 2 "beasts" with me to Turk Day. No time left for anything!
bagandwallyfan52 31 months ago
I liked Andy Taylors performance
In the ED SAWYER episode of
TAGS where ED SAWYER wanted to make Mayberry his hometown.
I liked Thelma Lou s first episode where Andy Taylor and
Ellie Walker played a joke on
Barney and Thelma Lou when
Andy pretended to be interested
In Thelma Lou and Ellie Walker
Pretended to be interested. In
Barney FIFE.
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