The studio had to meet this one condition to get Jamie Lee Curtis to do another Halloween movie

The scream queen has spoken.

Next month, the latest installment of the Halloween movie franchise debuts on October 19. That's when fans can catch scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis back in battle with Michael Myers for the first time since Halloween: Resurrection in 2002. It's been widely reported that it wasn't easy to lure Curtis back into the role of Laurie Strode, though. The award-winning actress had demands when it came to accepting the part.

In fact there was one condition she set that has many fans of the franchise furrowing their eyebrows. The newest Halloween movie will ignore the timelines of all the other films and only honor the events of the original Halloween movie from 1978. It will pick up in the plot 40 years later and it will premiere practically exactly 40 years later after that movie did. If you're curious why they decided to do that, Curtis has the answer. It was all her idea!

“You have to remember," Curtis told Deadline, "all of the other storylines were really just inventions of other writers and other directors needing to add on to the story that was told before them, and it just got complicated. Even the invention of [Meyers] being [Laurie’s] brother, that was in a writers’ room somewhere."

So the best thing to do before catching the next Halloween flick in the theater is to revisit the classic that started it all. Feel free to ignore all the other movies, including the ones Curtis also appeared in. For many horror fans who still prefer the chills of the original to all the chaos in the sequels, that's the best way to revisit the franchise, anyway.

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