The former home of Aunt Bee is for sale in North Carolina

Frances Bavier lived her later years in Siler City, NC.

TriadMLS / The Everett Collection

In 1972, not long after her final appearance on Mayberry R.F.D., Bavier left Hollywood and purchased a home in Siler City, North Carolina. Despite the fact that her Mayberry scenes were filmed in Southern California, Bavier noted, "I fell in love with North Carolina, all the pretty roads and the trees."

Siler City sits about 90 miles southeast of Mt. Airy, North Carolina, Griffith's hometown and the real-life inspiration for Mayberry. At the time, both little burgs were about the same size, with about 5,000–7,000 residents. It's easy to assume that life in Siler City was akin to living in Mayberry.

Bavier lived the rest of her quiet life in the town until she passed away in 1989. She was buried in Siler City. Chiseled on her tombstone, under the name "Aunt Bee," the inscription declares, "To live in the hearts of those left behind is not to die."

If you're curious about what the home of "Aunt Bee" looked like in real life, her old property is currently on the market.

"This is your chance to own a part of NC history! The former home of 'Aunt Bee' from The Andy Griffith Show!" the real estate listing on Remax declares. The five-bedroom house sits on an acre of land and is asking $425,000.

You can take a virtual tour through the home at

The brick, country-style house features a wood-paneled den and bathrooms in baby blue. Naturally, there is a large kitchen, perfect for making pickles and pie.

TriadMLS /

TriadMLS /

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Pacificsun 38 months ago
People are assuming it's a bargain compared to current price homes in most areas. But it's listed that way because it needs major updating (particularly the kitchen/bathrooms). However, they're banking on the idea that a buyer would enjoy the nostalgia of it. And want to live in it just as did Ms. Bavier. Beautiful grounds, lovely area. Imagine what she paid in 1972.
dobaker66 39 months ago
I’m not sure why everyone’s hating on the bathroom I think it’s beautiful. It’s perfect I’d love to have a bathroom like that. I love Retro 😊
MrBill 39 months ago
Frances Bavier's last appearance was a cameo in the 1974 movie "Benji".
Deb 39 months ago
I grew up in Raleigh, and went to college in the mid-70s with a guy from Siler City. He said the town was so small that their main excitement on the weekends was watching Aunt Bee water her lawn!
MadMadMadWorld Deb 38 months ago
That line sounds like a funny joke I heard on an Oldies radio station in the 1970s on the real (small) home town in Florida of the 2nd disc jockey: 1st DJ: "How small was the library, and why did it have to close?" 2nd DJ: "Somebody borrowed the book!"
dangler1907 39 months ago
A $2 million bid might get that home in my area, but prepare for a bidding war before it closes.
elmerfudd2002 39 months ago
Marina If Your picture is recent .You hold Your age Beautifully
Marianne 39 months ago
Wow! absolutely beautiful! Wish I had moved to NC, SC or GA when I was much younger. At least I have family/friends there to visit. Did she live in that huge house all alone? Hope not.
Tlor Marianne 39 months ago
last thing I read she did, she had some people in the house to help her 2 ?
GloryGrace Marianne 39 months ago
I know she had alot of cats. And let's face it we love our cats, and dogs, more then most people!;)
BobInBG78 39 months ago
Wish her last car-a 1966 Studebaker Daytona-was still in the garage! Not hard to believe she was a Studebaker fan. (I know..some are saying "she drove a Stoodie-what?")
sputnik_57 BobInBG78 39 months ago
I had to look that one up. Didn't know Studie was still making cars in the '60's. Not my aesthetic for an looks like a Ford-Chevy-Dodge-AMC hybrid of sorts...but I bet it was solid and reliable. It does look like a "Bee-mobile" !
Tlor sputnik_57 39 months ago
my Dad had Studebakers until they moved their assembly line to that foreign country, Canada :-)
gracie200 BobInBG78 39 months ago
my mom had an old broken down studebaker sitting in the yard when i was a kid. i would pretend to drive it and i called it the "rutabegger" lol
BobInBG78 sputnik_57 39 months ago
Theres a Mayberry Urban (should be "Rural") Legend her Studie is briefly in some street scenes in the show! Why not let her drive right onto the film lot? Am I the only one that noticed theres always horn honking sounds in any street scene? Doesn't fit in such a small friendly village!!
Andrew7 39 months ago
I would love to have that baby blue tub!
BobInBG78 Andrew7 39 months ago
I keep seeing bathrooms like that in those bath make-over ad "before" pics!
Adanor BobInBG78 39 months ago
Yep, that bathroom is crying for a makeover. Replace that sink with a vanity, replace that blue tub with an updated white tub plus a shower. What I don't understand is why is that bathroom such a strange shape? It's a lovely house, why does the bathroom look like an afterthought?
Mob39 39 months ago
Nice house! Reasonably priced as well. If that house was in NV, it would be $100,000 higher for sure! Californians are moving here in droves jacking up real estate prices. It’s a sellers dream, but a buyers nightmare. Makes you wonder if Aunt Bee might be hanging out there...Andy! Opey!
dmzabooo Mob39 39 months ago
It’s one thing to move into your state ( more tax revenue can be a great thing) but it’s another to bring with them their politics that ruined where they used to live! (D) Never did understand these blue staters and their ability not to think their political views didn’t ruin their old neighborhoods? Insane political views & choices don’t change just because you change your zip code!
CelticTwilight DMZABO 39 months ago
Typical trumpite touting lies as truth. Blue states contribute more in taxes to the federal government while red states suck up more in benefits.
Do you always use the MeTV comments section for spouting your political ranting and Trump hatred. BTW.........HE'S OUT OF OFFICE, NOW.
CouchPotato19 38 months ago
Thank you for posting this. My feelings exactly!
harlow1313 39 months ago
I am skeptical of these photos. Where are the doilies?
Tlor harlow1313 39 months ago
If the place was 'staged' like in Sell This House, they would have removed them.
sputnik_57 39 months ago
No way I could live in that house! The ghost of Aunt Bee would be haunting me, saying: "clean this place up!"
Andybandit 39 months ago
Nice house. I wish I could afford it.
dmzabooo Andybandit 39 months ago
Did you see that Master Bedroom? My goodness that’s bigger than my whole apartment. Well almost lol. I’d move into that joint in a quick minute. All that spacious room. Yeah like you I wish I could afford that beautiful BIG HOUSE.
VernCaldwell 39 months ago
Wow. If that house was in my state of Utah, it would sell for more than 1 million dollars no problems. Housing market here is crazy high
MrsPhilHarris VernCaldwell 39 months ago
They are crazy here too. Just nuts. Most can’t afford a house anymore let alone an apartment.
WandaBaker 39 months ago
I used to live in NC. It's a beautiful state.
Yes ma'am it is, That's why I'm still here😊
dobaker66 WandaBaker 39 months ago
I’ve been here my whole life. Wonder if we are related? My last name is Baker. You will have to visit NC maybe go to the Makeshift Mayberry in the mountains.
JB36 39 months ago
"Contingent" = The house has a buyer. Looks like its been for sale since Sept., and has had significant price reductions (-$175,000).
madvincent JB36 39 months ago
Must have been the blue 70’s bathroom....notice the tub with no shower
Pdls madvincent 39 months ago
That's not 70's. That bathroom is pure 1950's.
Mirramanee madvincent 39 months ago
I myself am not a tub user (always prefer showers), but if I had a second bathroom in my apartment, I would love to have that blue bathtub and sink. They don't make them like that anymore.
CurleyGirl1018 madvincent 39 months ago
Strange that the bathrooms are not very current but most other rooms look very nice
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