The creators of The Andy Griffith Show debated how Andy should punish Opie

To spank or not to spank? That was the question after season two.

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After The Andy Griffith Show wrapped its second season, the creative minds behind Mayberry looked to shake things up. "We're going to bring in a new mayor," director Bob Sweeney told Hollywood columnist Charles Witbeck in the summer of 1962, "A boss who is younger and less intelligent." 

That's not exactly how it worked out, of course. Parley Baer, later introduced in "Andy and the New Mayor," was neither younger nor noticeably less intelligent.

In that summer between seasons, things were changing but still uncertain. Beyond the mayor, the big topic of debate was Andy's personal life.

"Something has to be done about Andy's love life and his son Opie," Witbeck wrote.

"Bringing up Opie has us all talking," Sweeney admitted. "We all have our personal ideas on how it should be done. For instance, if Opie has disobeyed his father, does he get whipped?"

Producer Aaron Ruben, Sweeney and Andy Griffith himself debated the topic. The men behind the scenes deferred to their star.

"Aaron and I first must know how strongly Andy feels on the subject," Sweeney said. "Andy has to sit down with the boy, and if he feels Opie must be spanked, that is what will happen… it can be done off stage and to a limited degree."

As fans know, Andy Taylor is never seen spanking Opie. So you can surmise how that discussion went between Ruben, Sweeney and Griffith. In fact, the closest he came was in season two, in "Keeper of the Flame," when Andy tells Bee that Opie is in for a whippin' for what he did to Jubal Foster's barn.

A season later, in "Opie and the Spoiled Kid," corporal punishment is handed out on the show — to a different child. Arnold Winkler is literally taken out to the woodshed, leading Opie to apologize to his pa. 

Spanking did occur on the set of The Andy Griffith Show, albeit behind the scenes. Rance Howard, who parented his precocious child star Ronny on set, dished it out. Just once. In his book Andy and Don: The Making of a Friendship and a Classic American TV Show, author Daniel de Visé wrote, "Everyone on the Griffith set witnessed the dynamic between Rance and Ronny in its full complexity… One day, Rance surprised everyone on the set by bending the child star over his knee and administering a spanking. It happened only once."

Bear in mind, this was a hot topic of parenting and public debate at the time. "Spankings of grammar school pupils have been authorized by the Berkeley School board," a news bulletin declared on July 12, 1965, on the same newspaper page that printed Andy Griffith Show listings.

Andy and the sitcom's call to keep it out of the Taylor household scenes was a conscious decision.

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QazWiz 6 months ago
I wish that Opie had gotten spanked after several boys (not just the spoiled brat) had misbehaved
(very likely the brat was one to lead half a dozen others)
but when all boys EXCEPT the brat gets spanked (Opie on camera after Andy says "not because i hate what you did, (even though i do), but because I love you so much that it hurts me more than this will hurt you" ... although i think Andy would, before filming, have asked Ronnie if he could give him an on camera "as bad as Rance hit" spanking... pointing out he wanted kids to know not OK to go along with the crowd.
so when brat starts braging "you all got spanked but my Pa didn't care, just a 'not again' wadya think about that"
to which Opie thinks and says: "I think our Pa's love us more your Pa loves you" (all boys nod agreeing)
and then the Spoiled Brat could ask his dad "why not" and then "please spank me" (i'm not a writer so very bad implementation but you see how brat shows he's sorry)

i'd also like to see Andy remind dad son been spoiled for years, might need extra swats... and tell brat "you've been acting up a lot and you might need to remind your dad some things because dads tend to forget bad things that happen."

that's already too long but a "after last commercial" bit to close show could be the dad and (former?) brat enter "enough firewood?" "huh?" "in the woodshed" He asked (former?) brat "oh, yeah, maybe too much (while rubbing his backside)"... "well, you can sit by Opie while your father and I evaluate the fines.." still rubbing his backside, "um, if it's alright with you Sheriff sir, I'd prefer to stop" fade out as all others smirk knowingly"
Deleted 31 months ago
This comment has been removed.
RossE 31 months ago
No Opie asked Andy if he was going to be whipped but Andy said no, and opened Opie’s bedroom window and made him listen to the sound of the baby birds
OlgaBagley 29 months ago
That’s worse then getting A Whipping
OlgaBagley 31 months ago
I agree with the episode the loaded goat🐏. When the old man said about Kicking the goat for leaving & then had the Gall to tell Andy I hate to see anything happened to him he’s like family well do you Swift Kick your family AND the way Otis was dragging him out of the Cell that Piss me off royal that episode was Pretty funny
OlgaBagley OlgaBagley 29 months ago
Despite Otis Dragging the. Goat
Nala92129 32 months ago
While I loved TAGS, I had a big problem with the occasional animal abuse. I cannot watch certain episodes, like "The Loaded Goat," or the Jubal Foster episode, in which chickens and a rooster were manhandled. Andy always made reference to hunting, shooting crows & rats and "frog-gigging." It made me shudder!
smgeorge Nala92129 2 months ago
I completely agree with you. I've tried searching online why they have so much animal abuse but I can't find anything
country46 32 months ago
I'm 63 I got the seat of my britches set on fire at home and at school did it help?
djw1120 country46 32 months ago
I'm 63 also, but I never got spanked.
Once I got sent to bed without my supper (I played hookey from school that day), but that's about the extent of it.
country46 djw1120 32 months ago
are you a better person for it?
OlgaBagley djw1120 29 months ago
So starve the Person instead of. Reason with ya
nerakr 32 months ago
Opie got an offscreen spanking in Mr. McBeevee because Andy thought Opie was lying to him. Andy later apologizes.
rjcload nerakr 32 months ago
No he didn't. Andy told Aunt Bee that he would have to give Opie a whippin and he told Opie that as well while they were sitting by the window. Andy looks into Opie's innocent eyes and backtracks and doesn't whip him. Opie asks Andy if he believes and Andy says "yes."
JHP nerakr 32 months ago
I know what you mean - the networks chop shows (for the almighty AD) now but the one I did see andy told bee that he didnt spank him
RossE nerakr 31 months ago
No in the Mr McBeevee episode Andy relents when Opie wants Andy to believe in him. Andy then went downstairs and told Barney and Aunt Bea that he didn’t spank him.
WordsmithWorks 32 months ago
I got spanked at home and at school and it never made one bit of difference. Ever.
Runeshaper 32 months ago
I think it was a good idea to keep it off screen.
RobertK 32 months ago
I got paddled as a kid in the 60's, not only from my parents, but also from the teacher nuns at the Catholic grade school I attended. Let me tell you, the thrashings we got from the nuns was worse than the spankings we got from our parents! We were all afraid of the Sisters at school!!
Moody RobertK 32 months ago
Same here, went to parochial school in the 60s & spankings were a common form of punishment. My parents were also firm believers in spare the rod, spoil the child.
djw1120 RobertK 32 months ago
Thankfully I never went to Catholic school (I'm Jewish) so my teachers never spanked me.
JHP djw1120 32 months ago
that would have made a interesting sitcom:)
AnnieM RobertK 32 months ago
I too went to Catholic grade school, 1st (1970) thru 8th (1978). I was too afraid of some of those nuns to ever be out of line. We had a few (rare) who were kind, but too many of them were so sadistic they should never have been allowed to work with children in ANY capacity. 😢
RobertK AnnieM 32 months ago
Agreed! I guess some things have changed for the better. I certainly wouldn't want children today to deal with some of those nasty nuns...
VernonPurvis RobertK 29 months ago
I think some of these Nuns were releasing their "tensions" and "anger" about their lives on the kids.
smgeorge RobertK 2 months ago
I sent to a Catholic school as well. We gad one teacher who was not a Nun, she was way worse than the Nuns, trying to prove she belonged there I guess. Those Nuns had perfect aim with those erasers though, they could nail you right between the eyes at 100 yards around a corner 🤣
JHP 32 months ago
Andy should have left Opie alone and SPANKED BARNAY - or worse

one of fav dreams - a yelling contest

Frank Sutton vs Don Knotts
JHP JHP 31 months ago
thinking of this contest Id make it a 3way - add Jackie Gleason
OlgaBagley JHP 29 months ago
At Times Barney sticks his nose in Andy’s Business when it comes to Opie and the episode with the English butler and when Opie not doing good with his grades
JHP OlgaBagley 29 months ago
you are so right - don't have the time to make a list of BARN's fobles - I'd go through 15 fingers and 2 keyboards

"now barn - keep out of this - I need to serve papers on the post road" ...blah blah blah
ncadams27 32 months ago
I remember in high school (late 60s) that the male teachers all had a paddle very prominently displayed hanging on the wall behind their desk and would take a boy (no girls) out to the lockers to paddle them. They would always have another male teacher with them. Never got paddled, but heard many who did as the sound could be heard in the adjacent classrooms. Some of the teachers would do it in their classroom after school.
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LoveMETV22 JHP 32 months ago
I like the scene with th prince and the father explaining or trying to the guards, and he pops in to stop music from playing LOL
JHP LoveMETV22 32 months ago
you bet - I remember that scene

the guards were to keep the son in the castle and he wanted only to be a singer
JKMallaber JHP 31 months ago
Right! A good spanking! And after the spanking, the oral s3x! :-)
JHP JKMallaber 31 months ago
that was the castle anthrax with all those maidens:)

love that movie (in my top 10)
LoveMETV22 32 months ago
Looks like this is going to be an interesting thread.
Pacificsun 32 months ago
I don't know if it was in debate in the 60's or not. There was corporal punishment in my school. And in my extended family. I was spanked once, and the effect was more of humiliation than pain. I think it is an instinctive reaction when someone takes control over another, it doesn't matter the age.

These backstories from TAGs are fascinating. In support of Ron Howard's upbringing, it seems to have turned out, okay?
JHP Pacificsun 32 months ago
once my mom used thee ol' wooden spoon - (I guess german had something to do with it?)

It broke but I made it looked like it hurt - when it was over and I was alone - I laughed so hard!!!
Andybandit 32 months ago
I never got spanked, I would never spank if I had kids. I just got yelled at and that was it.
Chavella13 32 months ago
This is really interesting… I’m happy I don’t get a butt bomb anymore.
JHP Chavella13 32 months ago
unless you are president
KMT6600 32 months ago
I never got a spanking Just got yelled at a few times I guess I was lucky Nice parents
Maverick66 32 months ago
Spanking was a fact of life back then. I got it at home & was introduced to the "board of education" at school as well.
OlgaBagley Maverick66 29 months ago
If a teacher put their grubby 🐾 on me they get (I the words of Barney 🥊🥊🥊 POW POW POW
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