Svengoolie is guest starring in the Dick Tracy comic strip

The horror host meets the ace detective in the funny pages.

Image: Tribune Content Agency

In 1931, Northwestern University graduate Chester Gould landed a job as a cartoonist at the Chicago Tribune. Later that same year, Gould created his ultimate gumshoe, Dick Tracy. For the past 86 years, Dick Tracy has been a steady presence in newspaper comic sections. Gould himself drew the daily strip until 1977.

Various illustrators have picked up the pen for the yellow-coated detective in the years since. Today, Dick Tracy is the work of writer Mike Curtis and artist Joe Staton. The famous tec has faced off against a motley rogue's gallery, battling baddies like Flattop Jones, Big Boy, Pruneface and the Mole. 

Now, at last, nine decades later, Dick Tracy is teaming up with another classic Chicago-born character — our very own Svengoolie. It's about time. The rubber chickens are the same color as Tracy's trenchcoat. It's a perfect match.

In today's Dick Tracy, April 13, the ultimate horror host made his funny pages debut. Svengoolie appears, naturally, as a "celebrity guest judge and emcee for the cosplay contest." 

Stay tuned to see how the story plays out. Sven is slated to appear in the strip for a couple weeks. Follow the tale at the official Dick Tracy page from the Tribune Content Agency.

Check out Svengoolie's debut below.

Image: Joe Staton and Mike Curtin / Tribune Content Agency

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