William Shatner went out on Halloween in a Michael Myers mask, which was based on William Shatner's face

The resemblance is immediate and rather uncanny.

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Michael Myers will always be the iconic masked murderer from the slasher series Halloween. The famed killer is instantly recognizable from his plain, white mask with an absent face. If you thought the mask was brought to fame and instant recognition by the Halloween series, you'd be right. 

However, the monster's mask wasn't created just for Michael Myers. It was actually a mask of William Shatner's face first. More specifically, a death mask for his most-famous character, Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek

The story goes, a bone-chilling mask was needed for the original Halloween film, and a couple of options were on the table. According to an article in The Hollywood Reporter, Tommy Lee Wallace, a production designer for Halloween, was responsible for finding a mask for the movie. In his search, a few jumped out rather quickly. 

"Up on the shelves were these full face masks of Richard Nixon, and down at the end was Mr. Spock. And right next to it was this blank face Capt. Kirk," Wallace said.

It came down to a clown mask or an expressionless, pale mask of Capt. Kirk. With some alterations, including spray paint and some bigger eye holes, the crew agreed the horrifying killer should be seen in a variation of Shatner's face. Thus, the legendary mask of Michael Myers was born.

Shatner was just as surprised as the next person when he found out that his face was being worn by this prolific killer, saying, "I thought, 'Is that a joke? Are they kidding?'" 

In typical Shatner fashion, he had some fun with it and embraced an opportunity. After the movie was released and Michael Myers masks hit the stores for trick or treaters in real life, Shatner bought one, and wore it on Halloween while out with his daughters. 

"They had made a death mask of me in Star Trek... That was somehow taken into the stores and sold as a death mask. They used the white death mask in the horror film. Then, I bought one and took the three of you trick or treating and put on my own mask... I think that was funny," Shatner laughed in an interview

Shatner really is everywhere, even somehow deep-rooted yet hidden in one of the most prolific horror series of all time. From now on, when you watch a Halloween movie or see a Michael Myers mask, will you think of William Shater? At the end of the day, his face started it all! 

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BenSobeleone 4 months ago
A young Michael Myers watched Star Trek when he was in Smith's Grove Warren County Sanitarium.
TheSentinel 5 months ago
Truth be told, I always thought the Michael Myers mask looked more like Brent Spiner as Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation.
TonyClifton 5 months ago
By the way, it's only called a "death mask" if the impression is taken after the subject is deceased. If the impression is taken when the subject is still living it's called a "life mask." Depending on the lighting in some scenes of "Star Trek," Kirk does look like Michael Myers in a few scenes. It's eerie!
Barry22 5 months ago
They even got the toupee right.
KJExpress 5 months ago
This story is pretty funny, but in 1978 his daughters would have been 20, 17 and 14. I can see maybe his youngest still trick-or-treating, but.......
Rick KJExpress 5 months ago
That's the problem with so many Shatner stories...they're impossible...
AnnieM KJExpress 4 months ago
Did he have any stepkids? He was married a few times.
KJExpress AnnieM 4 months ago
I'm not aware of any. Funny story, anyway.
Pacificsun Rick 4 months ago
I like your sense of humor!!


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AnnieM 5 months ago
I seem to recall reading somewhere that the mask was used inside-out, also. Did anyone else ever see or hear this?
MackenzieCarder AnnieM 5 months ago
Yes. The mask was turned inside out, spray painted white, the eyes were cut, the hair was made to be a little bigger and it was dyed, and the sideburns were cut off.
DethBiz 5 months ago
Kind of puts me in mind of how William Shatner looked when they turned him Satanish in the movie The Devil's Rain.
BrittReid DethBiz 5 months ago
The Devil'd Rain another fave sick flick.
ELEANOR 5 months ago
OF COURSE THE RESEMBLANCE WAS IMMEDIATE AND UNCANNY. IT WAS HIS FACE! The definition of "resemblance" is the state of resembling or being alike. Now to be "alike" is to be (of two or more subjects) similar to each other: meaning that there are TWO OR MORE DIFFERENT SUBJECTS. With William Shatner, there was only one subject. So technically speaking there was no resemblance.
texasluva 5 months ago
Great story. My face is Michael Myers 😳🙈. I think the last Harrah for MM and Shatner's facemask is now history in the supposed to be the last sequel of Halloween 🎃
BrittReid texasluva 5 months ago
The Shatner mask was bleached out white and the eye slots cut wider. The mask was bought for $2.00
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