Ron Howard moved out of LA after someone gave a script to his preschooler

There are a lot of ways to network, but maybe don't pitch your script to a director's four-year-old.

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There's a reason a lot of stars move out to California when they start seriously working in the industry. It's just easier to balance the daily grind when your house is a quick commute away from the studio. Stars do live elsewhere, of course, but that often includes long stretches of time away from their families and homes, frequent flights, and a lot of careful scheduling to balance different time zones.

Ron Howard was born in Oklahoma, but was brought up in California from a young age. After he landed a series regular role as Opie Taylor on The Andy Griffith Show at just age six, it seemed like he was destined to remain there. After all, he went from acting to directing to creating his own production company! What better place to do that than Hollywood?

However, in 1985, Ron Howard picked up his family and moved them out to Greenwich, Connecticut. According to his daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, the move was spurred by an incident when she was a kid herself.

“Apparently, one day someone — when I was at preschool — they gave me a script to bring home to my dad," she said. "I think assuming that maybe then my dad would read it and somehow turn around and be like, ‘Yes! This is the movie I’m doing.'"

The effect was the total opposite. Ron Howard was horrified. "I think my parents realized that being raised in Los Angeles, so much of the culture of this city is centered around the entertainment industry. And they sort of didn’t want to raise us in an environment that felt that singular."

Bryce, who was only a few years old when they moved, said that their parents wanted them to grow up outside of the fame bubble. "My mom was really strict, and she was strict for good reason. My parents weren’t going to give us their money... They don’t believe in that. So they knew that when we were 18 we were going to need to take care of ourselves."

Ron Howard, for his part, has no regrets about how he raised his kids, even if it made his professional life harder. "I’m really proud of them and of who they are, the way they live," he said. "They’re very principled, they’re creative, they’re engaged, they’re good problem solvers."

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KentuckyPhil69 5 months ago
Kudos to you, Ron! You have raised a wonderful family (totally unlike the Kartrashian clan), and they are all so cool!! Like their Dad!! I have utmost respect for you!!
Avie 6 months ago
And at Halloween they had to be especially vigilant to make sure their trick-or-treating kids weren't given scripts with razor blades in them.
Runeshaper 6 months ago
That was probably very alarming for Ron. Not cool of that kid’s parent
Jimjr5560 6 months ago
A lot of people are moving out of California. We have a lot who transplanted to Tennessee.
KentuckyPhil69 Jimjr5560 5 months ago
I can understand that... Tennessee is God's country!! Fixing to relocate from Kentucky myself...
Edross 6 months ago
I wonder if the script was any good. It would be funny if it's something decent that eventually got made.
Rick 6 months ago
When I saw the headline, I clicked just to see if the child in question was Bryce. Funny that the preschooler who was handed the script ended up in Hollywood anyway.
PinkFloydFan 6 months ago
He shoulda moved them youngins back in the hills. Somewhere between Ol Man Kelsey's Woods and Ol Man Kelsey's Ocean.
Ilovemetv90 PinkFloydFan 6 months ago
Don’t forget Ol Man Kelsey’s Crick!
McGillahooala 6 months ago
I’m sure that’s the story he likes to tell to explain his move. Of course, Greenwich Connecticut is where we all go when we’re trying to get away. Where else could you possibly go?
Strangely, on Arrested Development, a show he produced, Howard was still in Hollywood working with Jason Bateman on a Bluth family movie!
rsf_83201 McGillahooala 6 months ago
And your point is?
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