R.I.P. Monique van Vooren, Batman and Tarzan villainess

The actress also gave Christopher Walken his stage name.

Monique van Vooren, the Belgian-born actress who starred alongside the likes of Burgess Meredith and Raymond Burr, passed away on January 25, 2020.

Van Vooren is remembered by fans of the classic 1966 Batman series as Miss Clean, one of the Penguin's accomplices. She appeared alongside the dastardly bird in the episode "The Penguin's Clean Sweep," which was Burgess Meredith's final appearance on the superhero series.

She played a villain again in Tarzan and the She-Devil as the titular She-Devil, Lyra. She also appeared in the 3-D, X-rated, Andy Warhol–associated 1973 film Flesh for Frankenstein. 

In 1964, she was performing in a nightclub when she met a young dancer named Ronald Walken, who went by "Ronnie." She suggested the name "Christopher" for him instead.

Christopher Walken has been going by the name ever since.

The actress was 92 when she passed.

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jacko3 38 months ago
Monique van Vooren Beauty & Talent - GOD Bless For Eternity - Amen - Alleluia!
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