R.I.P. Danny Goldman, who went from 'MASH' to voicing Brainy Smurf

He played a Beatnik on 'Happy Days', too.

Danny Goldman voiced Brainy Smurf in 225 episodes of The Smurfs between 1981 and 1989. He played the geeky blue mushroom-dweller in specials like The Smurfs Christmas Special, My Smurfy Valentine and 'Tis the Season to Be Smurfy. The Eighties kids eating cereal at home watching the Hanna-Barbera cartoon may not have been able to put a human face to the voice, but there is a good chance MeTV fans can.

Goldman began his screen career as a waiter — he popped on twice on That Girl serving food in tiny bit parts in 1969. The Columbia University grad quickly landed a meatier role, a part in Robert Altman's acclaimed Korean War dramedy MASH. Goldman portrayed Capt. Murrhardt in the film; he is the first to shake Hot Lips' hand when he hops off the helicopter. That would not be his only connection to the 4077th. He made two appearances on Trapper John, M.D. Oddly, he never appeared on the M*A*S*H series.

Throughout the 1970s, the bespectacled actor could be spotted on several beloved shows. He was a photographer on Columbo in "Double Exposure." He was the director in the Partridge Family episode "Bedknobs and Drumsticks."

In one of the earliest episodes of Happy Days, Goldman sported a goatee and beret to play a Beatnik named Lawrence who visits the Cunningham home.

Goldman on 'Happy Days' in ''Great Expectations''

On the big screen, he made a memorable appearance in Mel Brook's hilarious Young Frankenstein, playing a medical student.

It was not all bit parts for the performer, however. He scored recurring roles on the Larry Hagman sitcom The Good Life (1971–72), the small-screen adaptation of Busting Loose (1977) and The New Mike Hammer (1984–87).

Goldman passed away on April 12, as first reported by TMZ. He was 80.

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Stoney 47 months ago
Just watched "Young Frankenstein" today for the umpteenth time...and then I see this. RIP
JHP Stoney 41 months ago
"what knockers!"

"thank you"
HWestgate76 50 months ago
I remember him from Young Frankenstein, as well as his many other notable roles, INCLUDING Brainy Smurf. Another part of my childhood is gone 😢😢😢😢
VaughnBaskin 50 months ago
You should add The Smurfs soon MeTV!
Boomerang has them.
Not anymore Rob! Boomerang is focusing on the cartoons of the 2000's and the 2010's fool!
They actually DO, from 2-3 a.m.
You're welcome.
Uh wrong Rob! Boomerang will change the lineup this summer, that means no more Smurfs silly!
Jon 50 months ago
I remember him in a LOVE BOAT episode where he played the nephew of a rich man who'd taken over his uncle's business. The nephew quickly ran the business into the ground, leaving the uncle showing no anger over the situation, just thinking he'd need to give up retirement & go back to work. There was a good reference to classic tv in the episode: The nephew told someone on the phone to liquidate assets including tv stations, which he said showed "nothing but PETE & GLADYS reruns" anyway.
Flintster 50 months ago
Wasn't he in the movie Harry and Maude(?)
Also in the movie MASH. He was shamed by a doctor (Robert Duvall) for getting the wrong medication for a soldier?
CarolKelley Flintster 50 months ago
Danny was not in the film Harold and Maude, unless he is in an uncredited role. Neither the IMDB (which lists some uncredited roles) nor his wikipedia page mention him being in the film. I believe that you're thinking of Bud Cort. They do look quite a bit alike.
PortelaJ 50 months ago
Thanks for the memories Mr. Goldman.
Liz 50 months ago
Love him so much it's always fun night for me watching him and let us not forget Timothy Brown gone but not forgotten
sandman 50 months ago
Heaven received one more star
RobCertSDSCascap 50 months ago
Papa Smurf said we should all be proud of Mr. Goldman.
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