Richard Boone once fell off the stage into the orchestra pit during a live performance of Hamlet

Boone used to share this anecdote with friends.

We've all had our fair share of embarrassing moments, even the effortlessly cool Paladin. 

According to those who knew him, Richard Boone was a great man who had a great sense of humor. According to an article in the Abbeville Meridional, Tom Rahner spoke about his colleague. Rahner is a retired associate professor and founder of the theater program at Flagler College, where Boone actually taught classes at one point.

Rahner remembered Bill as very down-to-earth, despite his enormous fame. Rahner said, "Dick talked about his career, as might have been expected, but not to excess. He was proud of his accomplishments, but I would not characterize him as a braggart."

One specific story that Boone shared about his career demonstrated his good attitude and willingness to joke, even at his own expense. Rahner shared, "One of the stories he [Boone] enjoyed telling himself dealt with his very early acting career when he was touring with Judith Anderson in her self-serving production of Hamlet."

Apparently, the actors were late arriving at the theater and didn't have an opportunity to perform a dress rehearsal before their live performance, complete with an audience. Rahner said, "Unbeknownst to Boone, the stage was raked (sloped.) When he rushed in for his entrance, the angled floor propelled him into the orchestra pit!"

It was Boone's lightheartedness that made it easy to understand why students gravitated toward him during his time at Flagler. He Rahner said, "He taught his class in much the same way as one would conduct a professional master class, not as an academic." He continued, "His style and good humor made him approachable and the students felt his classes to be challenging and exciting. His sometimes gruff exterior could be daunting, but he was well-liked and appreciated."

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Runeshaper 7 months ago
It's cool that Richard Boone taught classes. Never knew that. Thanks for sharing, MeTV! (-:
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